After The Recital

My kids’ recital is fast approaching, yes Mj will play guitar and drums and Faith will play piano. Mj is very excited about it since this will be her first to play on stage. Mj transferred to her current school just this year, and she is given an opportunity to play both. Faith however stops violin and continued playing the piano. I am not sure what are the settings of the stage, a dim light can be nice but it would be hard for the students to play if the surrounding is not too bright. If they have the music stand light, it could have been better. But anyway I am sure to watch the recital this coming December. After their recital, I will treat them outside, maybe on a restaurant that they did not experience to dine to before. I am so excited of them, watching them playing their favorite music instrument. And I am sure they are excited to bond with me and eat outside.

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