Immune System

This is always I am scared when my youngest daughter is sick because her fever would really get high. But she is not worried at all because she if she have fever that means that her immune system is trying to fight whatever bacteria she has, which I realized later she is right. But I am still scared because it would lead to convulsion, which I definitely would like to avoid.

I did not work for two days already because of her fever, for two nights it was always high. It will go down but just 37.9 then high again. I supposed to work last night but watching her with high fever always stops me to prepare for work. Good thing at 5 in the morning, when I checked her temperature it went down already to 36.6 and until now. Thank GOD, I hope the fever will not go back at all. I can work later tonight and I hope I will not get DAF (disciplinary action).



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