Fiesta Celebration In Our Village

We just celebrated Fiesta in our village. I supposed not to prepare foods for the celebration but my brother-in-law just sent us some meat for us to cook during Fiesta. If I won’t cook it then it will just go to waste. So I bought some ingredients and prepared some foods for the whole family to eat. It was just a small celebration, thus the foods tell.

 photo 14358915_10210065689534886_6279925909916394884_n.jpg

My daughter was sick during the celebration but when I told her to pose for me, she did! She even said whatever Mama pleases, I’ll follow.

 photo 14330091_10210065688694865_5791385493507778590_n.jpg

Our small celebration, we did not have visitors but that’s the foods were not even enough for us. LOL.

Memes from Tuesday @ Our Home.

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