I Can’t Help It!

I just got sick because of Urinary Tract Infection and one of the things that I needed to avoid is drinking soft drinks. But I can’t help it I am sometimes craving for it; I tried my best though but the other day when it is getting so hot. I asked my sister to buy a coke so to quench my thirst, I just plan to get a sip but I drank the whole glass instead. And yesterday when I went out to run my errands and I felt starving, I ordered a full meal with coke in it. And now I suffer for it, I felt something down there. I already done with my anti biotic and I don’t have plans to go back in the Doctor, so I am trying now to control everything I am taking and I am doing my best to avoid the temptation of drinking Coke. Hopefully I will be able to do it, oh please somebody help me.

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