Tips In The Kitchen For You And Me

You may have sauce left over but wait you don’t need to throw it away or just cover it in your dining table. You can fridge the sauce in a cube tray put it in the fridge and when you need just simply re heat one cube for a quick use.

Don’t you know that it would heat the pasta evenly if you put a hole in the middle? Try it, it is amazing, I could not even believe it myself, it is like magic but it did!

Are you fond of eating lettuce but you find yourself having a left over and you just ended up throwing the left over away because it is not fresh at all? Oh well, there’s a way to lengthen the freshness of the lettuce and that is to arrange a paper towel on the top of the lettuce. The paper towel absorbs the moisture from the lettuce that caused the lettuce to soggy and wilts. By putting a paper towel on the top of the lettuce can extend the freshness of it at least a week!


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