Chocolate Caramel Cake From Sugar Munch

During our Fiesta, we bought a whole round of cake at the Sugar Munch. I did not plan to buy one since I want to buy more ingredients for the foods that we are going to put on our table but I realized then I didn’t have visitors and obviously we will be the only who would eat what we cooked during our fiesta. So I decided to buy a cake.

 photo 14358915_10210065689534886_6279925909916394884_n_1.jpg

We love chocolate and so we choose this Chocolate Caramel for the whole family. The cake last only for a day. I wasn’t able to bring some at work because it is already almost finish. Oh well, we obviously like the taste of it.

Chocolate Caramel Cake is very creamy, I love how smooth and soft it is when it touches my palate. It feels like you can’t even get enough of it. It’s not that sweet, cakes are tend to be so sweet but not this and I like it. It craves you more, geez I am actually craving right now.


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