I Won The Hanabishi Sandwich Maker!

I was stunned when the emcee at work called out my name and announced I am the winner for an Oven Toaster. Even though I was too busy talking with my customer on the phone, my name was clear and I heard it. But then I wanted to have the Sandwich Maker unfortunately it was my supervisor who got it. Good thing, he agreed with me to just swap it. We already have an oven toaster at home and my kids were asking to buy a Sandwich Maker.

Nonetheless, what I brought home is the Sandwich Maker, my niece was surprised, and she thought I bought but nope I got it for free. Hmmm, I wonder what I can get next year, a laptop perhaps. Oh let’s see, but now let me just indulge this experience, I won a Hanabishi Sandwich Maker, perfect for my kitchen!


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