My Niece Baked Cookies

My niece keeps on asking me to buy her some ingredients but due to financial constraints, I was not able to do so. Good thing, my brother-in-law supported her and gave her the money to buy her ingredients. She baked about 2 dozens of cookies and she let us tried it. Yes, we have a taste of the her cookies for free but afterwards, right after that batch she baked for free, she of course made us pay. It’s P 160.00 for 1 dozen of cookies. Yes, she bakes and sells her cookies, I think you might want to try it and I am sure you would like it.

Right now, she is thinking to bake with flavor and she will try red velvet this time. She made fair money these past few weeks, so I think she can already support it and I can’t wait to taste the red velvet next time.


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