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Slimming Coffee

I know that I promised myself to hit the gym but I am just too busy offline and online, I really don’t have time at all. Today I went out to see with my friend Mabelle, we agreed to see each other since it has been a while that we were not able to see each other. Right after she bought something in Watson, we agreed to eat lunch in Jollibee, I ordered my favorite burger steak and she ordered a chili chicken. While eating, we talked lots of stuff, our whereabouts and some whereabouts. She brought me a slimming coffee, she said I just have to try it, it’s for free so I grab it, I mean it’s only rare that someone will give me something that I can benefit of so why not?

She said I should drink the slimming coffee 30 minutes before I will take my meal. So probably I will be drinking that at work, I hope there will be no diarrhea involved otherwise I will be doomed. On the other hand, enough with this topic, I am so tired and so sleepy since I just went home from work and oh what time is it?


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