In Taco Loco

It was last week that my niece text me, said she want to spend lunch with me, it was indeed the right time because I just got out from work. I went to the mall where she work right away. I suggested for a restaurant that we didn’t try yet so we went to Taco Loco.

The moment I went inside, the first thing I noticed was that the warm atmosphere not with the warm greetings but the humidity inside. Yes it was so hot that we keep on asking for an aircon. They said they already turn the aircon on but I was still sweating. I asked them again, good thing that after of so many tries, they decided to turn the aircon on near us that was time that I felt refresh.

This was what we ordered last week:

 photo 17191006_1247065898747861_1168695739599681938_n_zpsdahongeq.jpg

My niece ordered the burger and mine is their combo meal 

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