The Griddle

It was almost Sunday that time, I asked my husband if I and the kids can go to church and eat afterwards. My husband wired me small amount when the day came so I have something to use if I need to spend some money. I asked my daughter if she has something in mind before we went to church, she recommended me something, a new burger store in town, which we can always see in social media whenever we are browsing something. I doubted at first because I need to go back at home right away so I can sleep since I still have work later. But my eldest is so persistent she said that after we ate there then we can go home right away.

We went to the Griddle, this hamburger store is located in the Ground Floor Sunflower Hotel, Tionko Avenue, Brgy 10-A. They are open from 11 in the morning till 9 in the evening. When we arrived at the Griddle, I was able to park right away. I guess that time they don’t have much customer, so when we approach the counter, the waiter attended us right away. Mj and Faith ordered their burgers right away and too bad I just forgot what they order and damn I forgot mine too. On the other hand, I have pictures that I’m sure you will be drooling of.

 photo 17457317_10212032502503981_3883866933971900452_n_zpsbakpy2kp.jpg

 photo 17629814_10212032502343977_1286212322109045995_n_zpsguampuut.jpg

 photo 17759719_10212032502983993_3562018462657318620_n_zps8rkatdzh.jpg

Love the burgers? Go get it now in the Griddle.

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