On Tuesday Lunch

On Tuesday, we agreed to take our lunch in one of the resort restaurant in the City. We had been planning for this but it always moves to the next day, next week or next month. So I am crossing my fingers whispering I hope we will pursue it. Our supervisor mentioned the name of the place it’s a resort restaurant in one of the beaches here. I wonder how much would be the food; I hope the price will not be enough for what we have.

I am also looking forward some good music to listen while eating at the resort but in the contrary the schedule is during lunch, we may need a place to chill not to get irritated with loud music under the scourging heat of the summer. Maybe if we schedule it in the evening, they might have a music band we will be enjoying to listen to. Speaking of music band and if you are one of them, you may want to consider of buying bass speakers at guitarcenter.com. I heard a lot of the music instrument in the site so if we will order, I am sure that Mj will be very so happy seeing this crowd and the speaker.



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