The Gathering With My High School Friends

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It was last Tuesday that I and my High School classmates agreed to meet up. One of our classmates will be going back to Dubai soon so she invited us for a small gathering. I was hesitant to go but it has been a while that I saw them plus I keep on skipping our reunion so since it was my off that night. I drove my car to the restaurant where they agreed to meet up, even without sleeping at all. I just sleep after the small gathering.

I was on my way there and I saw the updates in the Facebook, I am so excited but I was shy, I mean it has been a while and I kept on declining the invites for the reunion but I am getting near, this will be it or never at all. The moment I saw them, I saw the smiles again and when I was approaching I heard the big laugh again. Oh the same laugh, the same giggle I heard during high school. It has been a while classmates and you were all there smiling at me. It feels like nothing has change after of so many years, maybe something has change, the whereabouts, the catching up, and the events that you were in.

I hope I can still catch up, I heard the many reunions that you were in and I was not there and I feel like running to know all the things about all of you but of course, the table was so long and that we could not even hear each other because of the music that was so loud and could be so deafening.

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But I am glad, I am so much glad that all of you were fine, all of you survive in life and even so successful in your choice of path. I am fine too, I got a great husband even though he is not here and he is miles apart but the support is endless that I could not even complain. I think I am successful in my own way.


Thank you for the meal classmate and the invites going to the bar. It was not my first going to a bar but it was my first time after I got married so nevertheless, it is still my first time. The place is jam-packed with party goers, I can hear the click of the beers being toast, I can even hear the loud talk and oh that music again. It was so short but I had fun, I hope you all do too. It was nice seeing all of you!


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