Expect The Unexpected

I was so tired from work but it was Mother’s Day so I need to be lively for the kids, they know how special the day is. If only I have budget today I would treat them to something nice like eating outside, explore at least after going to church. But my money is limited today I only even have some bucks today. I asked my workmate if the affordable pizza house is open today and he said yes. So I went there after work, I choose the pepperoni flavor since I know Faith loves this flavor so much, I only ordered the medium size since I don’t have budget for large size but I am sure the kids would love this treat. Yes, it’s Mother’s day and I should be the one to get some treats but I  know how much my husband is struggling for money right now so we just have to live with what we have. On the other hand, my husband never failed to pay our bills when I asked him to, which is more important so we can enjoy what we have in the house.

I texted Mj saying that I will be going home soon with a pizza, it’s not the Greenwich, which they love the most but it’s with the other brand but I am sure they will love it. My daughter just said “thanks mom” without greeting me “happy mother’s day” I was not disappointed but I expected it, I know them being so sweet and they always remember special occasion especially Mother’s Day since it always advertised in the TV but anyway, it’s no big deal as long as we are together eating this pizza I bought.

You know the saying “expect the unexpected” is somewhat true because when I got home, Mj and Faith came rushing to the door with balloons and a cake greeting me “Happy Mother’s Day!” I was smiling so wide, I never thought they were able to buy a cake, I wonder how but I need to deal it later, I just want to enjoy this moment with my kids. I need to eat the pizza and the cake they surprised me right away because I am already starving.


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