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No Lettuce This Time Yet

I was thinking to buy lettuce for my loaf bread. I was thinking to put lettuce, sweet ham and broiled egg in my loaf bread. But then when I grocery shop the other day I found out that the lettuce alone cost like P 70. 00. My eyes grew big, my niece was right it is really very costly. I didn’t buy it.

When I grocery shop I have my list ready, what necessary things I need to buy, the lettuce was just an option if I have extra. I had extra that time but it was not enough for the lettuce. I don’t want to ruin my budget and of course my list so I have to set it aside. Maybe when things go right I can buy it. No lettuce this time yet.

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Got A Little Package From Enervon

When we arrived home today from the dentist my sister said that I have a little package from LBC, I didn’t have any idea who sent me the package but when I checked it. It is the Enervon, I signed up for these multivitamins in FB but I didn’t expect they would really sent me some and I am just so surprised to have it in my hand.

Enervon is a Multi vitamins, so when you feel tired early in the morning, take one of these and you will have your strength back. When you are energetic, you would be happy the entire day.

I got so excited when I opened up the package, I have all the reason to smile now even if life’s blue, I have everything to lighten and make it colorful.

Thank you Enervon!

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I Think I Am Having An Asthma

It started last Sunday when I tried to cut the weeds in the yard, from then on I oftentimes coughed. But as I really want to do the normal process, I did not buy medicines right away instead I bought some herbal juice but my cough got worsen. So today I decided to just buy medicines for dry cough, I know I am feeling like this is already an asthma but as of now we really don’t have extra, the money that my husband sent today is intended for bills, grocery and our allowance daily so going to the Pulmonologist is not an option. And on Friday will be intended for Faith’s dentist, she really needs to have her broken tooth extracted, she said that there is a new tooth coming out.

I went to the pharmacy and asked them what capsule should I take, they recommended me a medicine. It is a capsule and I am taking it now. I noticed it works but I am still observing it. There is no hard breathing at all, so let’s see. I also bought 2 handkerchiefs today because I was suspecting that the dusts and the vehicle exhausts contributed to my cough. I usually drive so I don’t smell the exhausts before but since it is brought to the repair shop I guess handkerchief is badly needed this time, I can now understand MJ and Mariel for asking me to buy 20 pieces of handkerchiefs for them to use. Now I know…

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It Gives Me An Idea

We were invited to a birthday party last Saturday. I thought the party was formal or it will be about the celebrant itself. I thought that it will be sentimental since it was the 16th birthday of my daughter’s friend. I really thought it was a traditional birthday celebration but nope it’s not because the guests had fun with the whole celebration itself.

The emcees were very funny.

My whole evening was burst into laughter when they do their funny talks. They are both gays and I really like their style in hosting.

It gives me an idea though, you know I will be coming 40 this year and I want to have a party on that day. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday but this year I really like to try and I want these gays to host my party so everyone will have so much fun.

I hope I will have enough budget for it, I want it to celebrate at home but my daughter suggested that it can be celebrated in the club house near us. I am not sure yet but this I would like to sure, of course the budget so I can do what I want.

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