Promotion For Gym

Now that I stopped working, I got lazy.

Actually this is my first day of having no work at all, but what I did at home was just sleeping the whole day and the whole night. I feel bloated because I can’t stop eating whenever I woke up. And I know this is not good. So I went out, I went to the gym and enroll myself for one month. I had a little zumba, bicycling, and thread mill. I spent an hour there, after that I went to their office to have an evaluation.

What I like about the gym is that a gym instructor is available for you, they are going to make a daily program for you and they will be with you throughout until you finish the program. I have gone there for 2 days already and I am aiming to do it daily for one month especially that I paid the full month of service. They are in promo right now instead of the normal rate of P 1, 600.00; you can only pay them P 899.00 for this month. Isn’t it amazing?


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