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Not Too Sweet

The other day when my husband wired me some money, I bought a cocoa powder for me to be able to mix it with the ingredients at home so I can bake a cake. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just follow the You Tube demo on how to bake a chocolate moist cake; I combined with the other recipe I found online. I was praying so hard that it would result all right. I was praying that if it was not a perfect cake at least it tasted as one. I also changed the measurement of some of the ingredients, which made me more nervous.

When I put it on the oven, I was crossing my finger that it would raise. When I check it the first time, I was slightly freaking out because it seems like it didn’t rise at all. But after 30 minutes I saw the improvements.  When I checked it with a toothpick the first time, it was wet. I said oh no I think it won’t cook but after few more minutes, when I checked it again, it was not wet anymore. I exclaimed finally “Success”. When I and my sister tasted it even though it was not perfect, it tasted like a cake at all even though it doesn’t have frosting because I combined all the ingredients I forgot I still need to make the moist on top but it’s okay it doesn’t matter at all, what important is that Faith likes it because it wasn’t too sweet but not dull.


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