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My Version Of My Chocolate Moist Cake

I was able to buy a Cocoa last Monday and when I arrived home, after I updated my blogs I started to mix all the ingredients.

These are the ingredients I followed

1 1/2 cup purpose flour

1 1/2 cup white sugar

1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1 1/2 full cream milk since I didn’t have the butter milk I just put 3 citrus juices on it

I also put butter on it, didn’t know I should not to because the butter is for the frosting, the moist cake on the top. I mixed all the ingredients. I realized that I did the steps wrong after I mixed it all, but since I don’t want to waste all the ingredients that were mixed already. I pushed it through. I put 1 cup of water on it. And put it in the oven. I was already afraid that the whole thing will be fail; I was even checking it every minute. My sister said I need to stop; it will eventually rise since I put a baking soda on it. Anyway I made it right somehow. It looks dry since I did not put the moist frosting on the top of the cake. But my niece said it tasted good, it is not too sweet but it is palatable.

My version of a moist chocolate cake

It is not absolutely perfect but who cares my kids love it. They kept on getting back every now and then to have a mouthful of this.

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