Wetmarket Or Supermarket?

Whenever I grocery shopped, I end up out of budget. Most often than not, I always go to Super Market to buy groceries, aside from wet goods, shampoos, toiletries, breads and some stuff are already included. My budget is always P 1,000. 00 but after I am done, I always spend more than that. I asked my sister where they go for grocer shop, she told me that they always buy wet goods in wet market because it is way up affordable there than buying meat in supermarket and they are buying dish washing, shampoos, and breads in the mall.

I wanted to try it, tomorrow maybe but to be honest I am really confused I mean there are things that I need to buy in grocery too like the hand soap, toothpaste, sugar, and etc. And I can’t buy it in wet market because it might be so pricey. I hope I can decide at least before I send Faith to school.


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