It Gives Me An Idea

We were invited to a birthday party last Saturday. I thought the party was formal or it will be about the celebrant itself. I thought that it will be sentimental since it was the 16th birthday of my daughter’s friend. I really thought it was a traditional birthday celebration but nope it’s not because the guests had fun with the whole celebration itself.

The emcees were very funny.

My whole evening was burst into laughter when they do their funny talks. They are both gays and I really like their style in hosting.

It gives me an idea though, you know I will be coming 40 this year and I want to have a party on that day. I don’t usually celebrate my birthday but this year I really like to try and I want these gays to host my party so everyone will have so much fun.

I hope I will have enough budget for it, I want it to celebrate at home but my daughter suggested that it can be celebrated in the club house near us. I am not sure yet but this I would like to sure, of course the budget so I can do what I want.

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