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My Eldest Daughter’s Simple Birthday Celebration

It was my eldest daughter’s birthday last Saturday, good thing she did not ask anything special that day but just a money for her to treat her classmates and her best friend. I gave her the money right away when I got my payout at work.

She did not expect anything or something but sister Lilian baked cassava cake on Saturday, I was able to buy a cake for her too and surprised her on Saturday morning. Right after her session in Kumon, she went home ahead of us and prepared herself for a dinner with her best friend. Her best friend have a car so it was not hard for her to go back and forth of which mall and restaurant they would like to dine. They supposed to go to Yakimix but Mj was not able reserve a table for them so Yakimix was not an option, they went to Bigbys instead.

I believe she enjoyed her day so much, she showed me some pictures from her instant film camera, I will be posting some pictures some other time. On the other hand, I may need to stop now, I have to sleep for work later. Goodnight!

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Finding The Best Family Car

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Our car is broken, we keep on sending it to the shop to have it fix. This is the reason why we are planning to get a new car. My plan is to sell the current car and we will be using the money that we are going to earn once the car will be sold out. If you think that it is so easy to find a new car, I might have to disappoint because it was so hard. You have everything to consider when you buy a new car and since we are a family 2 kids, I might have to buy a family car. Finding the perfect family car is not an easy task at all, as I mentioned you need to consider first the price, of course it should be within your budget, you can’t go over to your budget, you will be stuck in the process and you might end up being sorry because you realized you could not afford it after at all. Make sure to make a research of the car that you will buy, plan ahead, and consider the mileage because this is the only way you can check how much usage of gas you will be needing for your car.

There are many online store out there you might want to consider on checking, but I would recommend, they are the most reliable source when it comes to cars and I must admit if only I have the budget now, I will definitely run my credit check to buy the family car right away, but I know it will take us time to have a new car, hopefully we might consider on purchasing a car on the latter part of the year. And I am sure everyone will be excited.


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Christmas and New Year Cooked And Prepared

I miss this blog, I guess you already why this blog has been down for almost a week. On the other hand, one thing I learned is that you should always have a backup posts for all the things that you wrote online. And good thing too I was able to ask for a copy for the themes that I paid years and years ago so I don’t have to bother the person who created my very precious theme because I am not sure already if she still has a copy for those themes she created.

Nevertheless, since this blog was down for a week, I forgot that I was not able to post what we had last Christmas and New Year. It was only a simple celebration; the main activity that we had last Christmas is the opening of gifts. Kids are very excited and the same time worried that they may not like what I gave. It was a surprise, I didn’t give them a little clue what they will get, so if you happen to visit my blog Little World of Fun, you will see their genuine reaction.

Moving forward, here are some pictures we took last Christmas:

I, nieces, nephew and daughters

The Ice Cream Mango Flavor Cake from Sugar Munch


And of course the gifts that the kids are looking forward to open

During New Year, since I have to work at 8 in the evening till 5 in the morning in January 1st, it was Mariel and sister Merlyn who did all the cooking. As usual, Mariel cooked a very delish Noche Buena for the whole family. It has been a while she did not cook for us since she is always busy at work. But this time, she did not disappoint me at all; the foods are always extra special. Please visit Mariel’s Blog entitled “A Piece to My Soul“.

Furthermore; here’s the foods that she cooked last New Year:

Kudos to my sister and my niece!

The Nachos, Mj’s request from her Ate Mariel

Just the normal cake from Sugar Munch

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Why Oh Why?

We were surprised when we know that the price for an 8 oz. of coke was already too expensive; imagine it was only like P 12. 00 before but now in Taps fast food, it was already P 30. 00 the increase was too high. I am not sure if it was because of the tax reform or that store really overpriced their stuff. When we learned that it was too high, too bad, way too much we decided to just have a glass of water for our breakfast.  We did not even save but we were at least feel healthy that day, you know how harmful soft drinks are if you always drink it. Yeah, we just tried to at least compose ourselves when we learned the price of that oh so cute size of coke. Groceries and stuffs are increasing but the question when are they going to implement the no tax on us since our salary do not reach more than P 200, 000 a year, they said that it is going to be implemented this month but when I looked at my payslip, instead of adding the tax, they deducted it too high compared of the usual amount of my tax last year. Why oh why?

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