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Why Oh Why?

We were surprised when we know that the price for an 8 oz. of coke was already too expensive; imagine it was only like P 12. 00 before but now in Taps fast food, it was already P 30. 00 the increase was too high. I am not sure if it was because of the tax reform or that store really overpriced their stuff. When we learned that it was too high, too bad, way too much we decided to just have a glass of water for our breakfast.  We did not even save but we were at least feel healthy that day, you know how harmful soft drinks are if you always drink it. Yeah, we just tried to at least compose ourselves when we learned the price of that oh so cute size of coke. Groceries and stuffs are increasing but the question when are they going to implement the no tax on us since our salary do not reach more than P 200, 000 a year, they said that it is going to be implemented this month but when I looked at my payslip, instead of adding the tax, they deducted it too high compared of the usual amount of my tax last year. Why oh why?

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