My Eldest Daughter’s Simple Birthday Celebration

It was my eldest daughter’s birthday last Saturday, good thing she did not ask anything special that day but just a money for her to treat her classmates and her best friend. I gave her the money right away when I got my payout at work.

She did not expect anything or something but sister Lilian baked cassava cake on Saturday, I was able to buy a cake for her too and surprised her on Saturday morning. Right after her session in Kumon, she went home ahead of us and prepared herself for a dinner with her best friend. Her best friend have a car so it was not hard for her to go back and forth of which mall and restaurant they would like to dine. They supposed to go to Yakimix but Mj was not able reserve a table for them so Yakimix was not an option, they went to Bigbys instead.

I believe she enjoyed her day so much, she showed me some pictures from her instant film camera, I will be posting some pictures some other time. On the other hand, I may need to stop now, I have to sleep for work later. Goodnight!

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