Simple Birthday Celebration At School

I know this is a late post but spare me this busy fella over here. I am working like a dog for these few years and there are times that I could not update my blog. If I will be able to update it, it will be like a late post just like this. You see my youngest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday on February. We did not have a grand celebration just like from the previous years; instead we just had a free lunch at school together with her classmates and her teacher.

I bought kiddie meal at McDonalds and 1 big pizza from SnR, sent them over before lunch at school. Faith was already delighted; she’s just too easy to please. I did not have sleep at that time so after I deliver their lunch, I just asked her teacher if she can already manage to distribute the foods. She said yes and she asked if I want her to take some pictures, of course I agree with her. Later that day I was surprised how organized it was, Faith indeed celebrated her birthday even so simple yet still with glee.

These are one of her pictures:


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