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I Think I Am Having An Asthma

It started last Sunday when I tried to cut the weeds in the yard, from then on I oftentimes coughed. But as I really want to do the normal process, I did not buy medicines right away instead I bought some herbal juice but my cough got worsen. So today I decided to just buy medicines for dry cough, I know I am feeling like this is already an asthma but as of now we really don’t have extra, the money that my husband sent today is intended for bills, grocery and our allowance daily so going to the Pulmonologist is not an option. And on Friday will be intended for Faith’s dentist, she really needs to have her broken tooth extracted, she said that there is a new tooth coming out.

I went to the pharmacy and asked them what capsule should I take, they recommended me a medicine. It is a capsule and I am taking it now. I noticed it works but I am still observing it. There is no hard breathing at all, so let’s see. I also bought 2 handkerchiefs today because I was suspecting that the dusts and the vehicle exhausts contributed to my cough. I usually drive so I don’t smell the exhausts before but since it is brought to the repair shop I guess handkerchief is badly needed this time, I can now understand MJ and Mariel for asking me to buy 20 pieces of handkerchiefs for them to use. Now I know…

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Crabs Unlimited

I have a very tiring day today but it’s all worth it, because I was able to witness the Kadayawan Parade with friends. Even though we chase after the float but the fun is so priceless. So after we enjoyed watching and taking pictures with the parade, we hailed a trisikad since there were no taxis available at that time. When an event like this would happen in down town expect the taxis are hard to find. We agreed to go to SM for lunch but we passed by at Crabs Buffet, someone has told me about this buffet but I didn’t have the chance to dine there since it is not inside the mall. Anyway we decided to have our lunch there instead of SM. I also love the idea of having crabs for lunch, I know I have allergies but I don’t care at all, when crabs are welcoming me to eat them. Nyahahaha!!!

The whole sea foods buffet are sumptuous, if only I don’t have an asthma, I would go back and get more from the buffet table but of course we will be going to the mall afterwards so I should not let this fun slipped away because of my health condition. One plate is enough for me. I thank my Mareng Clarinda for the delectable lunch, I am sure will gonna miss you when you have to go back to the states. Thanks again Mare!

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How Can I Resist You Crabs And Prawns?

Last December after I ate crabs, my allergy strikes me again. I saw some red spots on my skin, which I ignore because if I won’t I will just feel itchy. And I don’t want to bug my friend who was trying to find some clothes she want to buy. After like a few days, I can hear the whizzing sounds from my chest again and later I was already trying to catch my breath. I went to my Doctor again and he reprimanded me again and again that if my asthma would strike, I should go to his clinic immediately to avoid admission. Yes, I was almost admitted to the hospital on that day but I refused and asked the Doctor if he could give me some medicine for my asthma. He was hesitant at first and instructed me once I can’t breathe anymore I should go to the hospital the soonest possible time. I was relieved that I was still alive the next day after the check-up.

Then I ate prawn after the New Year and after I ate lots of prawn, suddenly I feel like my blood is gusting up to my brain. I was dizzy that I want to sleep immediately. I rested for hours but my head was still aching, and I was not comfortable at all. I was hurrying up to go home since I was eating that prawns at my sister’s house, I needed an air puff immediately to feel at ease and so my breathing would calm.

From now on, I should avoid eating prawns and crabs but the question is how can I avoid them when those are my favorites? Sigh!

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