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Finding a Steady Supply of Quality Protein

Bison and buffalo meat are becoming more popular today as people continue to find out about its nutritional qualities. It is low in fat, high in nutrients, and a valuable source of protein, putting it above any kind of red meat or protein source you can find in the grocery store.

Grocery stores across the country still do not carry buffalo and bison because of its exotic reputation and the fact that a large portion of the consumer base have not yet sampled it. People who do, however, grow to love it and want to add it to their freezers and fridges.

When you want to have access to a steady and reliable source of bison products, you do not have to shop at a distant store. You can order the cuts you want at websites like and other sites dedicated to selling this high-protein meat.

Cuts of Meat for Everyone

When you want to shop for the whole family, you might initially wonder if you can find cuts that your children can eat and enjoy. Many kids do not have the teeth to bite into steaks, for example. They need more tender cuts that they can bite into and eat easily. When you shop online, you can find burgers and sausages that are easy to prepare and eat and also made to be enjoyable for the whole family. You can make your kids’ favorites without having to introduce them to pricier steaks and rib cuts.

However, if you do want cuts that you can prepare on a Sunday afternoon for dinner or grill out on a hot summer’s evening for a barbecue or picnic, you can find favorites like ribs, steaks, and Italian sausages. You can even find pet products that you can give to your dog to enjoy as well.
Recipes and Prep Tips

If you are new to cooking with bison, you might wonder how you can use it in recipes that your entire household will enjoy. You can use it for recipes that you might be familiar with like meatballs and hamburgers.

However, if you want to try new dishes, you can find recipes on the website. The site shows you how to use and prepare bison so that you get its full flavor.
Bison is healthy and high in protein. You can find low fat cuts for the fridge and freezer online.

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All About Eggs

We love eggs, at least every week we always have it on stock. But there are times that when I cook eggs or do it with scramble. The broken shell tend to drop into the bowl together with the egg yolk or the egg white Oh well there’s an easy way for you to get it, and no, do not fish it out with your finger but use half of the egg shell and scope it out. And it’s easy.

It is hard to check if the eggs that you purchased are the fresh one. And yeah, I can just say that the egg is not fresh at all if it will float in the water. You can tell if the egg is fresh when it goes down to the water, meaning to say fresh eggs don’t float so when it floats, toss it!


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Prepared Breakfast For The Kids

I supposed to be a proctor in a bar exam today but  I woke up so late already. The exam will start at around 7 in the morning, and the venue that I have to go to was so far from where we lived. So I decided not to go at all instead I woke up to prepare breakfast for the kids. It has been a while that I didn’t prepare breakfast for them on Sunday. I took leave from work so I can attend the said bar exam but since I was not able to go to, I just used my day to bond with my kids. I know they my friend chicken so much. Moving forward, my Sunday still did not gone to waste because I have used my time for my kids, leaving a smile to their faces just enough to complete my day.

Budgeting Meal Everyday

Right after our meet-up with my blogger friends, I went to the grocery department for grocery shopping. I am in no hurry so I was able to choose very carefully for wet goods. This is how I did so I will not have issues for our budget. For Saturday, since I grocery shopped for Friday, I have Hotdog Bun for breakfast that my kids love so much, since it is only a Hotdog Bun I need to buy our lunch, which was from a carinderia . The meat that I choose for dinner yesterday is the Pork Liempo, marinated already for grilling so last night we had a blast and we were so full. This morning I might cooked Chicken Finger and tonight would be Bola Bola sweet and sour. Monday since it’s the school starts for the week, I might cooked the Nuggets and the dinner would be Sinigang Shrimps and clams, Tuesday would be Bacon for breakfast and Pochero for dinner, Wednesday will be fish for breakfast, I have to grocery shop for dinner yet this time. So that’s it, I put a schedule for the foods every day so everything will be organized. The wet goods should not stay in the freezer for long as well to preserve the freshness. You may noticed that I skipped lunch because most of the time we are not here for lunch especially during weekdays, and most of the time of breakfast will get through until lunch.

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