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Christmas and New Year Cooked And Prepared

I miss this blog, I guess you already why this blog has been down for almost a week. On the other hand, one thing I learned is that you should always have a backup posts for all the things that you wrote online. And good thing too I was able to ask for a copy for the themes that I paid years and years ago so I don’t have to bother the person who created my very precious theme because I am not sure already if she still has a copy for those themes she created.

Nevertheless, since this blog was down for a week, I forgot that I was not able to post what we had last Christmas and New Year. It was only a simple celebration; the main activity that we had last Christmas is the opening of gifts. Kids are very excited and the same time worried that they may not like what I gave. It was a surprise, I didn’t give them a little clue what they will get, so if you happen to visit my blog Little World of Fun, you will see their genuine reaction.

Moving forward, here are some pictures we took last Christmas:

I, nieces, nephew and daughters

The Ice Cream Mango Flavor Cake from Sugar Munch


And of course the gifts that the kids are looking forward to open

During New Year, since I have to work at 8 in the evening till 5 in the morning in January 1st, it was Mariel and sister Merlyn who did all the cooking. As usual, Mariel cooked a very delish Noche Buena for the whole family. It has been a while she did not cook for us since she is always busy at work. But this time, she did not disappoint me at all; the foods are always extra special. Please visit Mariel’s Blog entitled “A Piece to My Soul“.

Furthermore; here’s the foods that she cooked last New Year:

Kudos to my sister and my niece!

The Nachos, Mj’s request from her Ate Mariel

Just the normal cake from Sugar Munch

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Flop Strawberry Cheesecake

I was looking forward of my niece Strawberry Cheesecake, instead of baking it on the 24th, she decided to bake it on the 25th. Everyone was excited of the outcome but it took her very long to finish it, she keeps on putting it back to the oven. I felt asleep while waiting, when I woke up I look for the cake right away but when I tasted it, the strawberry was too much; I mean I know it is a Strawberry Cheesecake and the taste of the Strawberry should be on top of it however it feels like it is too much. And when I ate the cake long, it doesn’t taste good at all.

My niece agreed to it, she puts a lot of strawberry to it or maybe her procedure of putting it is wrong that’s why it was a flop. Maybe she needs to practice more on baking cakes, I mean she is already good in baking cookies, I am sure she will do well in baking cakes in the future if she would take her time on practicing with perfect ingredients and perfect recipe.


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Christmas Food And I Am Sick

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas and I am sick and I can’t go to work. I don’t know if this is blessing in disguise to just at home to be with my kids but I am also disappointed because I was not able to get the double pay today. Sigh! On the other hand everything went well, thanks to my cook!

My niece cooked Beef Bolgogi, Bistek Tagalog, and Chicken Cordon Blue, Garlic and Butter shrimps and Lasagna. She supposed to bake a Strawberry Cheese Cake but she got tired and fell asleep. I took a nap but sigh I woke up past 12 midnight already. It was raining so hard when I woke up and nothing much going on, so I just went to dining table, took a picture of the one she finished and ate some. My cough still severe and I still don’t have voice, sigh!

 photo 15741126_10211052305279663_5180147018091422933_n_zpspgobvy6w.jpg

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Celebrated Abundantly Our Christmas In The Previous Years

My kids noticed that we are really lacking of funds right now. They were even thinking that they may don’t have some gifts to receive on Christmas Day. It is September now and it is 3 months to go, it’s Christmas time once again. Honestly? I am tired of thinking what move to do next when the owner of the house would message me again to pay them. On the other hand, my daughter even told me, it is okay not to have gifts but at least we have some foods on the table to eat on Christmas Day. I am just so sad to even imagine it. Geez how I wish to turn back time, I hope though that we could still buy some foods on the table this holiday season just like the pictures below:

 photo HPIM0238_zps1a5606db.jpg

This picture was taken on Christmas in the year 2012 in the old rented house.

 photo HPIM0241_zps2046a0fd.jpg

Of course, your’s truly still enjoying the life. I am not saying that I don’t enjoy my life now, it is just sometimes it is tiring. I know this is only one year compared to the many years that I don’t have much issues with money and I know we can cope this things up.

 photo 1507636_10202355685869613_1626840817_n_zps87758b5a.jpg

This was taken last year, we are already on the process of assuming this house and I am so clueless of what is about to happen this year. I know nothing at all.

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