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Christmas and New Year Cooked And Prepared

I miss this blog, I guess you already why this blog has been down for almost a week. On the other hand, one thing I learned is that you should always have a backup posts for all the things that you wrote online. And good thing too I was able to ask for a copy for the themes that I paid years and years ago so I don’t have to bother the person who created my very precious theme because I am not sure already if she still has a copy for those themes she created.

Nevertheless, since this blog was down for a week, I forgot that I was not able to post what we had last Christmas and New Year. It was only a simple celebration; the main activity that we had last Christmas is the opening of gifts. Kids are very excited and the same time worried that they may not like what I gave. It was a surprise, I didn’t give them a little clue what they will get, so if you happen to visit my blog Little World of Fun, you will see their genuine reaction.

Moving forward, here are some pictures we took last Christmas:

I, nieces, nephew and daughters

The Ice Cream Mango Flavor Cake from Sugar Munch


And of course the gifts that the kids are looking forward to open

During New Year, since I have to work at 8 in the evening till 5 in the morning in January 1st, it was Mariel and sister Merlyn who did all the cooking. As usual, Mariel cooked a very delish Noche Buena for the whole family. It has been a while she did not cook for us since she is always busy at work. But this time, she did not disappoint me at all; the foods are always extra special. Please visit Mariel’s Blog entitled “A Piece to My Soul“.

Furthermore; here’s the foods that she cooked last New Year:

Kudos to my sister and my niece!

The Nachos, Mj’s request from her Ate Mariel

Just the normal cake from Sugar Munch

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It Could Have Been More Fun To Cook For The Kids

I just talked to my husband this morning and he said that it has been raining in Maryland for how many days already so he just stayed home. I even asked him if he already gets bored, it could have been more fun if he is here that even it is raining outside, at least he will have a chance to cook something nice for the kids. On the other hand, even though it is not winter season, he told me he is wearing his gloves for him not to feel so cold. Geez, that pair of gloves is already so old, I guess I will have to buy him another pair from Cozy Winters, I know that he doesn’t like me to buy him anything special, oh well Father’s day is fast approaching so giving him something special will not be heavy at all in the pocket.

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She Wants To Cook

My niece keeps on telling me she likes to cook a specific food. She even asked me if when will I grocery shop but the thing is I don’t have time, most of all I don’t have enough for her ingredients. Mariel is a good cook, no doubt about that but her ingredients are pretty expensive and I don’t have enough budget for it yet. I just told her in time when the budget is right.

But right now I am busy thinking of our trip. Our workmate loves to cook so I am looking forward what he should cook this time. How I wish I have talent to cook but you know what is tiring about cooking? It is to slice some spices and the ingredients. LOL


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