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At Krusty Krab

Thus after mass, I told the kids that we are going to have our snacks in Red Corner but my niece suggested to have an eat out in Krusty Krab at Mintal. My niece hasn’t been there and she was curious of the design of the restaurant, it’s cute and very cozy outside so we were expecting a very momentous food in the table. Hence, before the foods we ordered were served the kids took a picture around. They could not contain their being hyper that day, it is maybe because of the excitement that finally we  can be one of those people who will surely be proud that they dine at the most prestigious restaurant in town, good thing that we were the only one yet in the Resto.

The food was so hot, it smells good. Each of us took some pictures right away even Faith was already complaining that she is starving at all. But nope, she can’t stop us, no one can.

We ate. We took another full spoon and again and again. And yes I was right, that when you experienced eating there you will not gonna go back to experience it again. With the price of the foods that we ordered, it’s not worth it. I was just hoping I did not push through, that instead of that, I should have chosen the other one. But anyway, as they said you will never know until you encounter. I may not go back.



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Eat Out With Some Of Blogger Friends

It was my rest day that I was invited by a friend for a dinner gathering with some of the blogger; actually I was hesitant to join because my kids were with me that time. They just finish their activity at school and I treat Faith to play in Kidzoona at the mall. I got the text message when we were about to go home and since it was my off I had all the time to go at the other mall.

When we got there, I and my friend were able to see each other right away, we were sitting at the bench when we got the message that the friend that we are scheduled to see is at one of the restaurant there in the ground floor. So went there right away, we found out that they need to go home for their relative is already there fetch them so we were left with some of the bloggers and we just agreed to eat dinner in Max restaurant. Faith met a new friend because one of mommies brought her kids, good thing Faith had someone to chat and play with.

 photo 17309846_10154532101495939_7892136873043623294_n_zpsrziqpby5.jpg

Our dinner was finish with lots of talks, ideas about blogging. I found out that most of us already about to quit, they opted to just have the domain expired and did not renew at all. I think I am the only who still hope that blogging will get better soon.

We got home late but we are filled with memories, which rare to happen. It is rare because we seldom meet each at all. We got too busy offline especially me that I am working offline too. I will be posting some of our pictures some other time, photobucket did it again.

 photo 17309107_10154532101460939_400079599244858102_n 1_zpsr1izn7rc.jpg

Of course we will not end the night without having the picture opp, credit to the owner of the pictures 

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Cancelled Lunch But Had Dinner With My High School Classmates

Our Supervisor made a decision to have our lunch gathering on Monday, which was yesterday.

I was so hesitant to join because I had an interview with a prospect company. I just told them that I will follow, hoping I can follow because I didn’t know how many minutes or hours I have to wait for my interview. My friend kept on texting me about their status if they had eaten already or not. I was able to finish the interview in no time but I had an assessment yet. Good thing they let me choose, either I will take it right away or after lunch. Of course, I took the after lunch so I can join my friends and my team mates for an awesome lunch by the beach.

I got there at 12:30 in the afternoon, they just started also eating. They ordered fried cat fish, kinilaw, and tinola with native chicken on it. When I arrived I can’t help but to drool because I was starving the moment I saw the foods. This is it, no time to pause but to attack! I finish the meal in no time too, oh yeah I can finish my meal for like 15 minutes, aside from I was totally in a hurry with the assessment waiting for me, the food is just so tempting especially my favorite kinilaw. It was a good thing that I had stomachache before lunch so I was able to take medicine before lunch and I felt better even after lunch.

I want to go back there; maybe with my kids I am sure they would love it there. I want to introduce them to places and restaurant they haven’t been before. I am sure also that this resto is not that expensive, I did not ask how much our supervisor has to spend with all of us there at the resto but I am sure their foods are not that pricey.

Lisa’s Resto wait for me and my kids in the day ahead.

The lunch gathering was cancelled because it was move a day before but this day, Tuesday I have dinner with my high school friends and I am so excited!

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No Eat Out Anymore

I think we need to stop eating outside because it doesn’t help me at all to budget my money. My friend even said that nowadays, he does not have anything left in his salary at all. My other friend told me the opposite because he was even able to save. So for now, I think I have to eat lunch at home when I get home.

 photo 12986972_10208681972542826_7409770493687719469_n.jpg

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