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Agreed But Not

Last Friday, I and my friends from work agreed to meet at 10 in the evening at MTS but to my surprise only 4 of our team mates showed up. At first I thought me and one girl friend really showed up but 15 minutes passed 2 of our team mates texted that they were already in MTS looking for us.

At first, I decided not to go already. I mean, night time came no one replied to us already so I was sure that this is one of those things that even though you already agreed to meet up the day before the event, no one showed up but geez, at 10 in the evening, we had a power shortage and since I got mad with my eldest during that day. I went out to breathe some fresh air. I meet up a friend instead and oh 3 of them.

We had drinks, I guess we ordered 2 buckets of beer but that’s it after that. We are not allowed to order anymore, oh well it is past 2 am already. We had some talks, and it seems like forever. If ever I will resign I surely miss this little get away, it made me young at least 6 months perhaps.

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Our Wedding Anniversary Celebration in Buffet Palace

Since we were not able to push thru the dinner last night on the night of our wedding anniversary, we just invited my sisters and their family to join us for dinner in Buffet Palace near NCCC mall. You see gone are the days that I am also inviting friends for this special event because most of them are living in the states already especially with my 2 friends who are both in Texas now. We didn’t know how much the buffet in Buffet Palace but we brought enough for the bill. We didn’t even reserve a place for us we just went there and meet Sister Irene and her husband and my niece Mariel too. We were the one who brought Yanyan their son with us, since he was left at home waiting for them. Sister Merlyn had to get her youngest son Dodong, closest cousin of Mj. Right after we arrive, we immediately went to the Buffet table to get our foods, there were few selections enough for dinner, thank GOD that my husband ate this time.

Faith was so hooked up with the tablet of her cousin Yanyan that she could not put it down even the foods are ready in the table. Sister Merlyn, her Aunt is trying to feed her though even how busy she was, My niece, and nephew with my daughter posed for a little while for the camera.

It just supposed to be me and my husband only in this picture but obviously my niece inserted and pose without us knowing. She is such a camera addict, we were almost done with out dinner this time and just chillin with out drinks.

I always want to take a picture of them, they are the closest cousins, Dodong can share his secret to Mj and Mj don’t tell anyone even to me. They both had the pineapple juice because among other things, there is nothing available drinks for us.

Here’s my sister’s Irene’s family however Faith did not skip the moment. According to my sister, she is their youngest child because she is always in the picture whenever they have  family picture.

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A Perfect Dinner Party

Have you ever had guests over for dinner or a party and your table cloth slipped? All of us want to throw the perfect dinner or party and we want to impress our guests, now only with what we serve them, but in how we present it. I have had table clothes that I took put time and effort in, slip a bit and not be as attractive as I wanted them to be. If I would have had table skirts and clips for my serving/dinner table, I would have avoided this minor mishap. My husband said as long as they can eat they will be happy, but for me, I want everything to be perfect. The setting should look good as well as the food be great.

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