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Healthy In Spirit

Have you felt like even though you have complete meal every day but then something is missing? If you feel this then you are not alone because I felt that too. These past few weeks, I feel so alone and empty, I oftentimes got irritated of something. I just resigned last July 1st but then I feel like I am already helpless that sometimes I doubted my husband about everything. I oftentimes blame him or others in everything. I feel like I failed in everything too. But then when my friend sees me last week, She mentioned money is just money, it can’t buy you happiness. Our topic then was about life and journey until she invited me to feasts hosted by Kerygma of Bo Sanches.

I know Bo Sanches as I subscribe his organization long time, I read his inspirational thought but most often I ignore it. When I listened about her perception about life, I was convinced I need guidance, I need refreshment, and I need those words. So last Saturday at 7 in the evening I attended to the feasts. When I entered, some of them greeted me right away. And so the talk began. One of the things I could not forget is about commitment. I thought commitment is compulsory obligation, I was wrong because it is the love you felt towards that person, so even though you don’t understand everything at all, you are still willing to stay because you are committed. We also tackle breaking and blessing. There are times we became too much proud of ourselves that we don’t noticed at all we already broke someone’s heart, pride can break you but then being broken is not a punishment from GOD but it is one way of healing you. Being broken is exposing what is your purpose in life, so wait a while because after you being broken, blessing is coming. So don’t worry when you are broken, it is just the process of getting that blessing you truly want.

We opt to have a nice figure, we opt to be healthy by exercising and or going to the gym but most often than not, we also need to take good care of our spirit, we need it to be healthy as well so  that you don’t feel alone and lonely.


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Going Crazy

Just when we arrived home, I just feel so tired that I want to cry so hard. I mean I would like to freeze everything. I just want to rest. But I can’t I need to work here so I could withdraw my funds and pay all the things I need to pay. To be honest, I desperately need a husband, a husband who’s here beside me and comfort me. I hope and pray it will come to realize very soon otherwise I’ll be going crazy.

Too Much Caffeine

I feel like floating right now, I am not feeling well actually. I have too much caffeine in my body since I drank, I guess 1 1/2 cup from last night then since I don’t like to be so sleepy in the morning. I drank another cup of coffee. When I went out this afternoon for my dentist appointment, I feel dizzy. When I arrived this afternoon, after fetching my daughter, I wanted to sleep, I know I am sleepy but I just can’t sleep. I am palpitating so much, my eyes would like to close but my mind is still awake. Earlier, during our dinner, I told the kids that we really have to sleep early tonight that means at least before the clock strikes at 9:00 p.m.

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It was only in College when I had my first crush, yet I don’t know if that was really a crush since all my friends said I’ve got to have a crush.

I was a late bloomer I believe, because even when I was in high school, I really didn’t have one crush. Or maybe I just don’t feel like telling all my friends about my feeling for a certain person. Maybe I preferred to just keep it to myself.

We were riding at the car of my friend when my daughter just bluntly told their friends that her friend who was only in front of them got a crush on their friend who was just beside of that friend. She even teased the girl and so was the boy, the girl just didn’t said a word.

When we got down from the van, I immediately told my daughter that what she did was wrong, when someone told her about a secret, she should not tell it to world because it would make the other person embarrassed. Her friend would tend not to trust her anymore because she just didn’t seem to care to keep it.

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