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No Lettuce This Time Yet

I was thinking to buy lettuce for my loaf bread. I was thinking to put lettuce, sweet ham and broiled egg in my loaf bread. But then when I grocery shop the other day I found out that the lettuce alone cost like P 70. 00. My eyes grew big, my niece was right it is really very costly. I didn’t buy it.

When I grocery shop I have my list ready, what necessary things I need to buy, the lettuce was just an option if I have extra. I had extra that time but it was not enough for the lettuce. I don’t want to ruin my budget and of course my list so I have to set it aside. Maybe when things go right I can buy it. No lettuce this time yet.

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Wetmarket Or Supermarket?

Whenever I grocery shopped, I end up out of budget. Most often than not, I always go to Super Market to buy groceries, aside from wet goods, shampoos, toiletries, breads and some stuff are already included. My budget is always P 1,000. 00 but after I am done, I always spend more than that. I asked my sister where they go for grocer shop, she told me that they always buy wet goods in wet market because it is way up affordable there than buying meat in supermarket and they are buying dish washing, shampoos, and breads in the mall.

I wanted to try it, tomorrow maybe but to be honest I am really confused I mean there are things that I need to buy in grocery too like the hand soap, toothpaste, sugar, and etc. And I can’t buy it in wet market because it might be so pricey. I hope I can decide at least before I send Faith to school.


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Grocery Shopping On Sunday And The Extra Money Is For Doughnut

For me to minimize our expenses for today I did not bring the whole family when I went grocery shopping. I supposed to bring Mariel with me but she was too slow, she did not wake up right away when I told her. So I brought Mj with me instead, we headed to the church first to hear mass. After hearing the mass, we went to the mall immediately, we went to buy an ink first for the printer, yes I am planning to submit my resume and how I wish it is not too late for me to submit it. When I grocery shop, I always have to open my calculator in my phone so to watch out with how much we spend for it, so far it worked I always spend within our budget if it would exceed it is not match. And since I still have some left I decided to bring something for the kids, I was contemplating between the pizza from yellow cab and doughnut from Krispy Kreme, I asked Mj which one she would like to choose and she picked the Krispy Kreme so off we went.

When I arrived home, we shared the 6 pieces of doughnuts; Faith was able to eat one.  I didn’t know who ate the extra one. I am not much into sweet so absolutely it was not me. Anyway, we enjoyed it but if Mariel was asked she would choose the pizza, oh well better luck next time then.

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Minimizing My Grocery Expense

It was funny that whenever I see my sister in the grocery store, I always end up putting out some of the things I shopped.

It started when we went to VP to grocery shop; she only shopped for few items while I shopped that almost full my cart. Later, when I checked the money inside my wallet, I found out that I didn’t have enough funds, so I ended taking some items out of my cart to cut off the expenses. I don’t have credit card so nothing could save me from paying all those stuffs I put in my push cart.

Today, I went to a nearby grocery store; I need to shop for our snacks for tomorrow’s field trip. Later I saw my sister again, she even kid me that she would put her items to my basket so I will be the one to pay for it, later I started to put out some things again from my basket, my sister was laughing, she told me I was embarrassing and I answered maybe she was the reason why I would remember to minimize my expenses for grocery. LOL

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