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I Think I Am Having An Asthma

It started last Sunday when I tried to cut the weeds in the yard, from then on I oftentimes coughed. But as I really want to do the normal process, I did not buy medicines right away instead I bought some herbal juice but my cough got worsen. So today I decided to just buy medicines for dry cough, I know I am feeling like this is already an asthma but as of now we really don’t have extra, the money that my husband sent today is intended for bills, grocery and our allowance daily so going to the Pulmonologist is not an option. And on Friday will be intended for Faith’s dentist, she really needs to have her broken tooth extracted, she said that there is a new tooth coming out.

I went to the pharmacy and asked them what capsule should I take, they recommended me a medicine. It is a capsule and I am taking it now. I noticed it works but I am still observing it. There is no hard breathing at all, so let’s see. I also bought 2 handkerchiefs today because I was suspecting that the dusts and the vehicle exhausts contributed to my cough. I usually drive so I don’t smell the exhausts before but since it is brought to the repair shop I guess handkerchief is badly needed this time, I can now understand MJ and Mariel for asking me to buy 20 pieces of handkerchiefs for them to use. Now I know…

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Not Eating Much, Sigh!

I was so worried of my youngest last Sunday; she was not eating much in the morning since we were in a hurry to go to church so we can attend the birthday party of my friend in the afternoon.

As usual we brought water for her so in case she will get thirsty; we have water in an instant. I just told myself then, maybe a pizza before we headed to the house of friend will be a great idea. I was hoping she would eat some pizza after church. I know she was already starving as what she told me at church.

But when we arrive at Greenwich, she did not eat pizza instead she seriously focusing on the sundae and the soft drink. I have forced her to eat pizza but she was too picky, she just ate the toppings.

We went out with disappointment; my friends came over already to go to the house of my other friend. My friend’s house was too far so I gave them a hitch to get to our friend’s place.

Dinner time, I tried my best to let my youngest eat. She ate some thank GOD but I know it was not enough then. Sigh! She’s really not eating much that Sunday, and oh I need to buy her the food supplement vitamins today. Haaaayyy!!!

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My youngest daughter is very active, she can run and play all day. It is hard to keep up with her. Whenever we go to the wonderland, the first thing she does is head for the playsets. What is her favorite thing to do on a playset? Well she loves the slide. When she was just a toddler she would slide down then tries to climb back up the slide to go back down. Well it did not take her long that climbing up the ladder was a better way to do it. She likes to swing, jump and climb and when we are at home it is the same, she will climb on the furniture and jump on the bed.

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Craving For Pizza

My youngest daughter craves for pizza this afternoon, she said, “Mama, I’m hungry, let’s eat pizza and so when I went out this afternoon, I dropped by in the mall to buy her some pizza. When I arrived home, she could not be contented with one but I guess she ate a lot more one.

I went to the bedroom right away when I came home to talk to my husband on the phone, I left the box of pizza in the living room in the hands of my little girl. When I went back to the living room, these are the only pizzas I found. I got one right away because if I will not be in a hurry, I am sure, nothing will be left for me.