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Cancelled Lunch But Had Dinner With My High School Classmates

Our Supervisor made a decision to have our lunch gathering on Monday, which was yesterday.

I was so hesitant to join because I had an interview with a prospect company. I just told them that I will follow, hoping I can follow because I didn’t know how many minutes or hours I have to wait for my interview. My friend kept on texting me about their status if they had eaten already or not. I was able to finish the interview in no time but I had an assessment yet. Good thing they let me choose, either I will take it right away or after lunch. Of course, I took the after lunch so I can join my friends and my team mates for an awesome lunch by the beach.

I got there at 12:30 in the afternoon, they just started also eating. They ordered fried cat fish, kinilaw, and tinola with native chicken on it. When I arrived I can’t help but to drool because I was starving the moment I saw the foods. This is it, no time to pause but to attack! I finish the meal in no time too, oh yeah I can finish my meal for like 15 minutes, aside from I was totally in a hurry with the assessment waiting for me, the food is just so tempting especially my favorite kinilaw. It was a good thing that I had stomachache before lunch so I was able to take medicine before lunch and I felt better even after lunch.

I want to go back there; maybe with my kids I am sure they would love it there. I want to introduce them to places and restaurant they haven’t been before. I am sure also that this resto is not that expensive, I did not ask how much our supervisor has to spend with all of us there at the resto but I am sure their foods are not that pricey.

Lisa’s Resto wait for me and my kids in the day ahead.

The lunch gathering was cancelled because it was move a day before but this day, Tuesday I have dinner with my high school friends and I am so excited!

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On Tuesday Lunch

On Tuesday, we agreed to take our lunch in one of the resort restaurant in the City. We had been planning for this but it always moves to the next day, next week or next month. So I am crossing my fingers whispering I hope we will pursue it. Our supervisor mentioned the name of the place it’s a resort restaurant in one of the beaches here. I wonder how much would be the food; I hope the price will not be enough for what we have.

I am also looking forward some good music to listen while eating at the resort but in the contrary the schedule is during lunch, we may need a place to chill not to get irritated with loud music under the scourging heat of the summer. Maybe if we schedule it in the evening, they might have a music band we will be enjoying to listen to. Speaking of music band and if you are one of them, you may want to consider of buying bass speakers at I heard a lot of the music instrument in the site so if we will order, I am sure that Mj will be very so happy seeing this crowd and the speaker.



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Slimming Coffee

I know that I promised myself to hit the gym but I am just too busy offline and online, I really don’t have time at all. Today I went out to see with my friend Mabelle, we agreed to see each other since it has been a while that we were not able to see each other. Right after she bought something in Watson, we agreed to eat lunch in Jollibee, I ordered my favorite burger steak and she ordered a chili chicken. While eating, we talked lots of stuff, our whereabouts and some whereabouts. She brought me a slimming coffee, she said I just have to try it, it’s for free so I grab it, I mean it’s only rare that someone will give me something that I can benefit of so why not?

She said I should drink the slimming coffee 30 minutes before I will take my meal. So probably I will be drinking that at work, I hope there will be no diarrhea involved otherwise I will be doomed. On the other hand, enough with this topic, I am so tired and so sleepy since I just went home from work and oh what time is it?


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Lunch Treat

This is a long overdue post.

My friend and I agreed to meet up during my off. We agreed to have lunch together in SM. When we met, we were looking for a restaurant to eat and since we had been to Tokyo Tokyo for so many times, we tried the Sumu Sam this time. I forgot what I ordered but never did I forget that she treat me once again. Thank you as always Bliss, you are such a wonderful friend but not only with the treats but you are one of the nicest person I ever met. You are not only just being there to listen but you are always there for me to help. Thank you so much!

I wonder when we will meet again but this time I’ll make sure I will be the one treat her for lunch!

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