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Paranoid Inside The Restaurant

After we had our family summer get away, Faith on the other hand, for one week, she got too busy with her swimming class in Red Cross, and you know how much the water can make you feel starve after your done swimming. So there are times I would bring her some crackers she can eat while we are walking on the street going home but the first day was the best for Faith because after the class I bought her to Jollibee, it was my off that time so I have all the time to be dragging, we just went the Jollibee nearby the bank where I can withdraw a little so we have something to spend. When we arrived in Jollibee, Faith pointed the foods she’d like to have right away, while I was waiting for our order, she saw the ads to become one of the kids’ crew this summer but I just shrugged it off, maybe if I have enough budget then I can enroll her. I just hope that the car will not going to be damage again because I am tired already spending some bucks for the repair.

Moreover, Faith enjoyed our bonding together. I learned that she can be trusted to just stay in one corner if I asked her to, I went to the comfort room and when I went back she still sat in her chair and she said that she did not talk to any strangers at all, when it was her turn to go to the comfort room, I can’t help to worry so I got up and followed her to the bathroom, I called her name and she said “Mom, I was just peeing hisssh!” I know that I need to trust her but can you blame me if there are things that’s going on my mind that I can’t help to worry? I don’t want to feel sorry in the end because I did not check, I mean even though we are in a restaurant and it is guarded, it is just that there are things that can happen inside and without us knowing it, everything went to chaos because I did not check.

Anyway, even though I was paranoid, good thing Faith still enjoyed our little dinner together and she is looking forward for so many times this summer.


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Mommy and Me Monday : Eat Out

When I treat the kids to hang out with me in the mall, of course when we hang out, we always go to the nearest restaurant to eat, right after we shop for goodies for them.

This is my eldest who doesn’t like to project in front of the camera anymore; she said she is too dark already to pose. Oh well, that is all worth she won 3 golds and 1 silver from the last competition she joined.


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Mommy and Me Monday : Training

That was me and the team with our coach; we were headed to the 50 meters pool for the team’s final training. The next day will be their big event and our big cheer for them. That was so tiring but that was all worth it!

The final training, my daughter is the one who dives on the first diving board

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?

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Mommy and Me Monday : Competition

This is me and my friend Ethel, actually it was not only us who watched the Novice competition of Milo, there were many friends of us who also watched their kids, it just some were so busy watching the event, while we were busy taking some pictures.

This is my daughter who had the shortest time in almost all events; she was on the third spot on butterfly but fastest in backstroke, freestyle, and breaststroke. She really did a good job, congratulations Mj!

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?