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The Kitchen Sink Repair

Just last month, I got too busy here at home; finally I decided to have our kitchen sink repair. It was hard for me actually because last month was my birthday and I was planning to do a little party yet I need to do the kitchen the soonest possible time and besides the saving is intended for the kitchen not for my birthday. Thus, I contacted the one who will do our kitchen and door cabinets.

I went for checking some tiles, the color and the style. When I went in my bank, I saw the style of their tiles and this is what I saw. I sent it to my niece right away to check if what she can say about the color.

I so like the tiles but then I found out when I went to Citi hardware, the price of the slab is too way expensive. I mean I can afford it if I won’t care for some other necessary stuff like the faucet and the door cabinets. So I decided to buy the granite/ceramic type of tiles.

After few days of waiting when it will be done. Finally, here’s what it came up.

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I Need A Small Basin For My Kitchen Sink

Our kitchen sink is having trouble, there’s a leak somewhere that the water would come out in the pipe. I wanted to have it repair but the repair man told me we have to dismantle the sink to have it fix and since this is not my house I have no right in any way to touch it. But I need some solutions; it only flows from the pipe when there are already some morsels that stunk in the pipe. There’s one solution in my mind though and that is to buy a basin for the sink, not to put under it but we are going to use it when we wash our plates. We could also save some water though because the water from the faucet will through the basin and not directly to the sink, and if there’s already an amount of water in the basin we can just turn the faucet off and wash our dishes using the water from the basin. We can also gather the morsels inside the basin and drained it using our drainer, then we can throw the morsels out in our garbage can so it will be no longer stunk in our pipe, how does that sound? LOL

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