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Summer Treat: Ice Candy

It is so hot that I always ask Mj to buy some Ice Candy in the neighbor. Ice Candy is the usual treat for summer. It is a frozen juice or frozen shakes stored in a little bag. You can nibble the tip of the bag in order for you to eat.  The cost is only easy to the pocket so if you are craving for ice cream yet you don’t have enough budget, it is best to buy this summer treat, it is not only cheap but it is also very convenient since you can only buy it in the neighbor just like me.

It is dreading so hot and I told my kids to buy some Ice Candy, sad to say I don’t have budget for a gallon of Ice Cream today, but this Ice Candy will work, I am pretty sure of it.

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Out For A Picnic

There are only two places where my husband goes everyday and that is house and office, and office and house. So when he told me that he would go out for a picnic together with his office mates, I let him. Because he also needs to unwind, his work requires his energy and I know it is too draining, a little fun is not a problem at all. At first he doesn’t want to go but these couple has asked him twice already and it is also hard for him to say no. We chatted for a moment then he called me after, to tell me he will going out to see his friends. We were not home for almost the whole day; it was already late when we arrive home from buying school supplies for the kids, that’s why we were not able to chat for longer time.

Pink Friday # 4: New Bag

F just started her summer class, right after she attended her first day at school; I immediately bought her a new pack bag, which she adored so much. The whole night she keeps on wearing it, she even put it beside her during sleeping time. Way to go my baby, and always remember we love you so much.

Her Bag

And here’s my baby, she could not contain her happiness when she saw it. She could not put her bag down, oh well it was all worth it.

No Summer Class For Her

I am a bit sad when I learned that we are too late to enroll for summer for F, we were there yesterday just before we took a taxi cab going to the venue for her swimming lessons. The teacher who was there said maybe it would still be better if she will just took a seat in, meaning we don’t have to enroll but she can get inside the room to observe. That was good for her but she had to ask a permission from the head teacher about it first. I thought to enroll her back to swimming class in the gym but then we might be transferring from there to another location. We are not sure where it is but I guess soon, well anyway even though she can’t have the summer class, we would still pursue her for the coming school year.