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Promotion For Gym

Now that I stopped working, I got lazy.

Actually this is my first day of having no work at all, but what I did at home was just sleeping the whole day and the whole night. I feel bloated because I can’t stop eating whenever I woke up. And I know this is not good. So I went out, I went to the gym and enroll myself for one month. I had a little zumba, bicycling, and thread mill. I spent an hour there, after that I went to their office to have an evaluation.

What I like about the gym is that a gym instructor is available for you, they are going to make a daily program for you and they will be with you throughout until you finish the program. I have gone there for 2 days already and I am aiming to do it daily for one month especially that I paid the full month of service. They are in promo right now instead of the normal rate of P 1, 600.00; you can only pay them P 899.00 for this month. Isn’t it amazing?


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For Her

Maybe it would be nice if someone will give you a promise ring during holiday season, especially when the one who gave you is the one you made you so happy in the whole year round. So if you are rooting for a promise ring for her, for your special someone, make sure that it has a very distinct design and has the elegant look that anyone could ever love. And when you give it to her over a meal and in a very prestigious restaurant, it is a plus bonus. I am sure this someone would ever love to stay either for friendship or for relationship with you.

After Hiro, Hukad

Last Saturday we agreed to watch a movie, it was late already when it was finish so the whole gang agreed to eat in the opened nearby restaurant. And since the only restaurant that has our favorites, we pursue going to Hukad.

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Belgian Waffle After The Therapy

Last Saturday, right after Kaakbay, Faith and I went to the mall to have lunch and since we had a heavy breakfast. We decided to just eat light lunch and we agreed to have waffle this time. I am on a budget, so I only bought flavors that are cheaper. Faith enjoyed her blue berry and and I had Cheddar Cheese. We just shared one glass of Ice Tea.

 photo IMG_0090_zps9d93a636.jpg

We agreed to take some pictures this time, yes it is not usual to take some pictures of us nowadays. I don’t know why I just don’t have interests to take some pictures anymore. Maybe this is the result of having a downtime moment.

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