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Birthday Cake And Pop Cakes

We supposed to celebrate Faith’s birthday in the beach but we didn’t pursue it, instead we celebrate it in Jollibee. It was the first time to celebrate her birthday in Jollibee and she could not contain her happiness when she saw her guests. She was overwhelmed with the gifts pouring on her. The birthday cake even it was not the biggest but it was good enough for her to say “Yummy”. We also had loot bags for the kids.

 photo HPIM2349_zpse96a130d.jpg

My friend also brought pop cakes as her gift to the birthday girl. Oh they love the pop cakes very much that all the kids followed the one who distributed it at all times and asked for more.

 photo HPIM2364_zpsb34b7ac9.jpg

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One Of Our Sunday’s Best

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to the mall to grocery shop. Mariel went with us since she needs to have her cell phone repaired, I mean that day she said she can claim it already. My husband got a haircut that time and I had my manicure and pedicure session so we were not able to have our late lunch. Mariel already went back when I was done with my manicure and pedicure session, my husband was the one to choose the restaurant, he mentioned about San Antonios first but later he decided for Bigbys. And this is what we ordered.


Riverside Thrill


and a pork steak for Mariel

 photo 1555335_10202485793442221_1774860518_n_zps493dff00.jpg

My Riverside Thrill has to be in another picture, it is a fish actually although Mariel and my husband does not like but I do!

 photo 7738_10202515866954040_232180960_n_zps05fda7c4.jpg

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Champorado On This Cold Cold Weather

It has been raining cats and dogs since last night. It was even so traffic on the road, I went home a bit late last night, good thing my husband was just cool about it. I am just a lucky wife for a husband so understanding. We want to go out but we can’t since I am worried it might flooded later and we will be stranded. When my sister finished her laundry, I asked her to cook a sweet chocolate rice, and after it was cooked we all eat it, it is the best for this cold cold weather. Too bad my husband could not eat it because of the carbohydrates and it is too sweet as well. He just content himself with a popcorn that Mj cooked. I thought there will be some left over but nope it is not it was finished until the last dropped. It was indeed a match for this chilly weather, our tummy feels satisfied with the hot of the champorado that goes through our stomach.

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It Is Healthy To Have Tools

Just tonight we bought a towel rack in the bathroom but sad to say the size is not the size of the hole in the bathroom. We need a tool to resize the pipe, and since I don’t have tools, I have to go to our neighbour to borrow tools. My husband told me to wait for the enough budgets so we can buy some tools for the house or for the car, so I won’t ask somebody to let me borrow one when I have something to repair.  My husband handed me a reid supply catalog for me to choose which tools that I would like to purchase sooner. Right now I am still trying to check what tools are useful for me, there’s cable ties also that I can use for the TV cable or extensions and the like.  You know it is also healthy for our home to have these tools so when things are damaged we are ready to fix it. It is a healthy lifestyle that we don’t have to wait for the damage to get big before we can fix it otherwise we are still the one who would be suffering for it.

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