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Krispy Kreme For Me And You

We are on a tight budget, I mean really tight and I am serious this time so even there are times I wanted to bring presents to the kids when I get home I just can’t because our financial status is really in pretty bad shape. When we went grocery shopping with my eldest last week, thank GOD because we still had some money left I decided to bring some snacks to the kids. I asked Mj what would she like to bring at home and she exclaimed doughnuts. Yeah, it has been a while since we haven’t got a taste of Krispy Kreme Doughnut, they have new this summer, it was a colorful doughnut for colorful summer but of course we didn’t get all the variety of colors but variety of doughnuts.

On the other hand, when we arrived home the kids gather around the table immediately so my niece wasn’t able to take a picture the doughnuts itself but the box instead. Nevertheless, the kids enjoyed munching the doughnuts because it was all finished.

 photo 10150685_10203004983221641_1736957076_n.jpg

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Bonding With Banana Cue

Mj and I went to her school for their recognition day, after the program we went to Red Cross office so I can enroll her for Junior Life Guard but we found out that she still have to undergo swimming lesson for 5 days and they will set up an interview for her if she could pass the Junior Life Guard. I called my friend who’s son wanted to be a Junior Life Guard too, we agreed that we will enroll together so Mj and her son will have the same schedule.

Mj and I went out in the Red Cross office brought some forms for the kids, we walked on the road but we were able to see some Banana Cue’s we stopped in the store for a while to get some snacks. I am happy that Mj is okay with street foods, in fact we enjoyed ourselves having this little bond together. We took a Jeepney to Ilustre to supposedly buy some DVD’s, but we were able to pass by in Greenwich and I thought to bring some snacks at home. Faith was at home together with her cousins, and I know for sure they are expecting some presents.

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Side Dishes

I am always the one who cook our breakfast especially on weekdays. When my other niece live with us because her parents could not support her daily allowance at school, she was the one who cook for breakfast but she cook so dry, I mean sometimes it is overcooked. So I asked her to wake me up every time she woke up in the morning as she is always the one who woke up ahead of us.

I bought some bacon a week ago, I supposed to mix this one with the egg but I only bought two packs. So what I did, I just fried the two packs but after I fried it. I noticed that it is so dry; I bought some side dishes also a week ago so I fried it next to the bacon. After I seasoned the side dishes I put it on top of the bacon and here’s what I came out:

 photo HPIM2703.jpg

The image was so tempting that my sister can’t help to have some just at after she was doing the Zumba. Do you also buy some vegetable side dishes? I usually bought this one to prepare in the morning, so even we have dried meat or just fried foods, we could still be healthy because we have the side dishes.

Spaghetti And Not Rice

It is Family Day today at my eldest daughter’s school, I hesitated to go without any foods on hand but she said I don’t have to worry because the snacks there are free. So Faith and I went there, it was a good morning indeed because they started the activity with a mass. When the mass ended, the staff handed out some snacks for free. Jollibee was there also to provide some lunch, the canteen was open but I guess they were not able to assist us all because when we went there, they don’t have rice anymore. So my eldest daughter run to where the Jollibee stall was situated and bought us some burgers and spaghetti (Faith’s favorite). Faith was very happy indeed because what she had during lunch is Spaghetti and not rice.

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