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Oh So Fresh And Affordable

I could not afford for any souvenirs when we went to Buda just this month. But I felt like I was just wasting my opportunity to at least buy anything there. So when my friend said that the lettuce was very much affordable in Bemwa, I and some of my friends went there the next day to buy the lettuce and they are right, it is very cheap the only thing that was not cheap is the dressing. The dressing was P 200. 00 but the lettuce was only P 30. 00 since we paid P 50. 00 in the entrance. Wasn’t it a good deal? So of course I did not let the chance slipped away. When we got home Mj prepared the salad right away, the dressing was very delectable. It has its own unique taste that you could experience from any other dresser plus the lettuce is oh so fresh. My day was complete and was so satisfying although I have pains all over.

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Lettuce Was So Affordable In Budha Bemwa

The last destination we went to during out team building is the Bemwa, I was so interested to check the place since they said that the lettuce is so affordable and they were right. If I would compare the price to the malls here, there is a huge difference, so do I have to slip the chances away? Hell no, I must buy it not for me but for my eldest daughter and her cousin. They liked lettuce so much, it just that we don’t have budget and that I could not afford to buy it. The entrance to Bemwa is just so light in the pocket and not only that, if you are going to buy a lettuce, instead of you paying P 80. 00 you just have to pay P 30. 00, you just have to give them back the ticket that you paid at the entrance for you to avail the P 50. 00 discount. I was also interested with their dressing; it looks very enticing so to complete the package. I bought it for P 200. 00, I know you can buy a mayonnaise for the dressing but I think it would be more delish if I include the dressing.

When we arrived home from the team building, Mj made a salad again and she enjoyed it a lot, she could not contain her happiness when finally after like so many years, she was able to indulge the very famous lettuce.  LOL

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Benefits Of Lettuce

Since I mentioned Lettuce to one of my posts here, let’s check the benefits that we can get from Lettuce. Lettuce is more than a vegetable, it is not only giving us all the nutrients that we need but it can also get us slimmer.

Lettuce can help you to get some sleep because it extracts isolating depressant chemicals. These chemicals showed significant sedative effects. Lettuce posses antioxidants too. Antioxidants are a bio chemicals more often than not found in our diet. This is the reason why most of Dietician recommends taking some lettuce when you are on a diet. Lettuce leaf extracts can control of any kind of cancer. Most significantly leukemia and breast cancer, Experiments also says that the weight ratio of human lettuce consumption required killing at least 50% of leukemia cancer cells.

More details here

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Potato! Potato! Potato!

Potato! Potato! Potato!

Yes, potato is one of the healthiest foods on earth. One potato already contains of cell building folate. Folate is vitamin B that can be found in many foods but with potato about 66 micrograms has it. And it is equivalent to one cup of spinach. Potato also can fight cancer and it has vitamin A for immune boosting that is very essential in your daily activities. If you are bored with just mixing the potato in one of your meal, it can add more fun or at least your kids will get interested with it if you have it fry. Don’t you know that if you let your potato cool, it can burn your fats to at least closer to 30 percent?


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