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Benefits Of Lettuce

Since I mentioned Lettuce to one of my posts here, let’s check the benefits that we can get from Lettuce. Lettuce is more than a vegetable, it is not only giving us all the nutrients that we need but it can also get us slimmer.

Lettuce can help you to get some sleep because it extracts isolating depressant chemicals. These chemicals showed significant sedative effects. Lettuce posses antioxidants too. Antioxidants are a bio chemicals more often than not found in our diet. This is the reason why most of Dietician recommends taking some lettuce when you are on a diet. Lettuce leaf extracts can control of any kind of cancer. Most significantly leukemia and breast cancer, Experiments also says that the weight ratio of human lettuce consumption required killing at least 50% of leukemia cancer cells.

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Potato! Potato! Potato!

Potato! Potato! Potato!

Yes, potato is one of the healthiest foods on earth. One potato already contains of cell building folate. Folate is vitamin B that can be found in many foods but with potato about 66 micrograms has it. And it is equivalent to one cup of spinach. Potato also can fight cancer and it has vitamin A for immune boosting that is very essential in your daily activities. If you are bored with just mixing the potato in one of your meal, it can add more fun or at least your kids will get interested with it if you have it fry. Don’t you know that if you let your potato cool, it can burn your fats to at least closer to 30 percent?


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Veggie Robot

Faith is not allowed to intake sweets, right now I am thinking of some snacks that she could eat in the school. She must have something that is healthy and not sweets because of her being hyper yet she should have fun and will inspire to eat. I found this in the Magazine, maybe I will have to try this one first at home. I don’t want to prepare snacks something as this and yet she will get hungry because she does not like it.

Ingredients are carrots, whole wheat bread, cucumbers, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, cookies, mushroom, olive slices and bread cheddar.

Making eyeballs slice your mushrooms that would look like a cap and slice your olives too. Create limbs with bread cheddar cheese, carrots, cucumber, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, and candy sprinkles. Shape your nuggets or cookies to make two hands for your veggies robot and you are set. Oh well, shall I say good luck to me.

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It Is Better For The Vegetable Salad In A Box

When I and my niece went to the grocery for grocery shopping, I asked her if she would like to get some salads in the counter. I was surprised when she declined it this time, she said she preferred for the vegetable salad to have it in a box already and she doesn’t have to pick or choose which she likes, it is better that way, the one in a box because it doesn’t spoiled easily. It could store in the freezer for a long time unlike those veggies in the counter. So since we didn’t see any salads in a box we just brushed the idea to buy some. I know if Mj will know about this, she will just get disappointed I know her she loves both ways, could it be in a box or those in the counter.

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