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New Year Spent At Work

Even though it was hard for me lift up my feet to walk outside the house so I can catch up a tricycle and Jeepney going to work, I have to do it because I am scheduled for work at 8 pm last night. Yes I have work and I will be welcoming the New Year at work, well technically we were not on the floor taking calls, we were in the Pantry enjoying the food that was provided by the Mayor LOL just kidding, we usually say if there’ are free foods, freebies or anything that we can just utter “May pakain si Mayor” “May pa raffle si Mayor“.. You see in a town usually the Mayor will be the one to provide free foods to the community, so regardless if it is the boss or just a colleague who treat us for free, we call them our Mayor.  So anyways, we have free lunch at work, one humba and the other one is beef sauté, rice and a piece of Water Melon.

Good thing our support just inform to have our lunch early so we can avail the free food and we will not be stuck in a long queue. Thus we were there a bit early, no lines yet but then the  moment we sat down, the lines piled up all so sudden while we were already busy trying to call our families at home to greet them “Happy New Year”!

We felt like we were working abroad, with the videos set right afterwards we sat down to our table. Good thing I was able to connect and was able to call my kids at home. It was just so right that I bought an electronic load last night on my way to work. I tried calling my husband but to no avail, maybe he was eating lunch that time. Right after I was done talking to my kids, I finished my food right away and rushed to the floor so we will not be late. It was busy at work, but it’s all worth it because I welcomed the New Year with two 10’s for my survey. It was such a nice gift at all, thank you Lord!

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Party Time In Larous

It’s party time!

Yes early in the morning I woke the kids up so we can attend the Christening Mass of the nephew of my friend. Thank goodness that I did not forgot to buy a gift for him yesterday, I hope though that it would fit the celebrant.

Our clock did not work right though because we arrived late in the church, I just noticed when we are about to go that the clock is so late and as expected, we were late. The mass was almost finishing when we came to the church, bad clock.

The party was held just near the church, and ya know me I am not good in sketch, good thing that the sister of my friend and her family ride with us in our car. No, they don’t need a helmet and knee pad this time. LOL.

The place is so humid it could have been more enjoyable for Faith and Mj if they were able to bring a swim suit, they would surely swam with other kids there who were not able to resist the water. They swam in the pool after we ate lunch; I just had a few since I was feeding Faith. I have to concentrate with her otherwise she will just run away from me. I wonder who was their caterer, the foods are all so yummy, I wanted to eat more but I just got tired attending Faith and chasing her around.

They celebrated their Christening party at Larous, it is like a mini resort but you can’t swim in the ocean as the whole area was gated. You could rent their mini house for one day in case there are some visitors who wanted to lie down in a moment. The small cottages are also available for the visitors to sit and watch the party.

Faith had so much fun with the entertainer, she was so amazed with the 2 heroes who did their best for the children to wonder and laugh. Of course after we ate the sumptuous lunch, these two MC’s who dressed up like heroes also have some games for the kids and the winner will be able to get a reward. My youngest daughter is always so active with all the games; she joined all the games and tried to win.

It is so humid but nothing can stop me laugh and coach my daughter to win, I had so much fun and I am thankful that my friend invited me for this party. Those cute kids really made my day.

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The Venue Where We Started Our Journey Together

I could still remember when I had my engagement party back then, my friend was the one who settled the program, my husband and I choose the Garden Oasis, as I thought it was the most affordable place for the venue for our engagement party. I was only looking forward for a simple celebration but it turns out to be extraordinary. My husband suggested for games so it would be unique from other engagement party. My sisters also made some speech and my friends as well. And the most awaited part from the party was the foods, the Garden Oases staffs did a good job! They offered very sumptuous foods that everyone must enjoy, plus the kids were able to swim as well in the nearby pool. I guess, it was during my youngest daughter 4th birthday was the second party we had over there. They still had the warm approach for the guests and they always filled the foods in the table, it was such a total buffet but I guess I looked for something different this time so during 5th birthday of F, we took the Woodridge Club House. But I must say the Garden Oases has marked a very special spot in my heart because it was the venue where my fiancé before, my husband now started our journey together.

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