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Got A Little Package From Enervon

When we arrived home today from the dentist my sister said that I have a little package from LBC, I didn’t have any idea who sent me the package but when I checked it. It is the Enervon, I signed up for these multivitamins in FB but I didn’t expect they would really sent me some and I am just so surprised to have it in my hand.

Enervon is a Multi vitamins, so when you feel tired early in the morning, take one of these and you will have your strength back. When you are energetic, you would be happy the entire day.

I got so excited when I opened up the package, I have all the reason to smile now even if life’s blue, I have everything to lighten and make it colorful.

Thank you Enervon!

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Gummy Bears For My Kids

When my husband was here the first time, he bought Mj a gummy bear from the States and Mj loves it so much. When my husband was here the first time after like almost 4 years of not being here, he brought a gummy bear for the two and even Faith loves it very much. And Faith gets a bit chubby of this vitamins, you know Faith is very thin but I really could tell the difference. So I always ask my husband to  bring gummy bears for Faith so will get chubbier.

 photo cats_zps8945c671.jpg

What I love for this vitamin is that Faith is the one to get it in the refrigerator, I don’t have to struggle with her when it is time for her vitamins and mind you, no more spill out because she just have to take it and let it melt or chew in her mouth.

The second picture is a gummy bear for adult.

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Vitamin C is Necessary

You could really not expect the weather nowadays that is why many get sick not only kids but adults as well. Vitamin C is really necessary to take during this season. One friend advised me to take vitamin C twice a day so to prevent colds and flu. It helps though but if you can afford it, taking flu shot can be a big help as well.

Thank GOD my eldest is well already, she has been well since this afternoon she wants to go to school by tomorrow but I didn’t let her as she might get a relapse if I will allow her. Tomorrow she will stay at home and get more rest, I just bought her a Durian as she requested. If she continues her training in swimming, she might not get sick; maybe she will get some colds but not really fever. Now, after she will finish her medicine I will have to monitor her for taking vitamin C. She sometimes won’t eat much during lunch or she doesn’t eat at all. So I must monitor her foods intake during lunch and breakfast.

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Taking Vitamins For Daily Energy

Now that my daughter is back on her training, I always made sure that she had enough Vitamin C especially when I haven’t sent her and her sister to their Doctor for Flu Vaccination yet. I also let her take the Cherifer that is for her height, I did not let her take the Memory plus since I guess two Vitamins in a day is enough for her. F is taking also the Propan that is for food supplement because she has not been eating much lately and of course Vitamin C as well. My niece since she is staying here for a while, I also let her take the Fern C. And yours truly is taking the Cosmo skin that is for food supplement, Vitamin C plus the Gluta. Don’t get me wrong I am not really aiming to have a super white skin but smooth skin will then be enough for me.

We don’t eat much veggie, so I am thankful that we had Vitamins we can depend on when we need to energize ourselves but of course there is too much difference when you will make a habit of eating veggies. Because it could boost your immune system and the like, you just have to be very careful when cleaning it because there are veggies that got lots of chemical before they harvest it.

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