It Was Mariel’s Birthday!

The other day, it was my niece’s birthday. Her Mom called me and said that I will just buy a cake for her on her birthday. But on that day, my niece messaged me that her friends will come along so since I don’t have the skills and talent to cook special foods. I just bought some ready to eat meals. I was also decided not to go to the pool; I just told Mj that we have to skip that day since it was her cousin’s birthday. She understands and she was the one who bought the meals in the nearby cafeteria. I also ask my other niece to buy some Liempo for the additional meal. Anyway I love the cake that I bought; it was not that so sweet but tasty. Mariel was the one who suggested where to buy the best cake and she was right, it was indeed so delicious. Next time, I will have to go there when I have some extra.

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Birthday Cake And Pop Cakes

We supposed to celebrate Faith’s birthday in the beach but we didn’t pursue it, instead we celebrate it in Jollibee. It was the first time to celebrate her birthday in Jollibee and she could not contain her happiness when she saw her guests. She was overwhelmed with the gifts pouring on her. The birthday cake even it was not the biggest but it was good enough for her to say “Yummy”. We also had loot bags for the kids.

 photo HPIM2349_zpse96a130d.jpg

My friend also brought pop cakes as her gift to the birthday girl. Oh they love the pop cakes very much that all the kids followed the one who distributed it at all times and asked for more.

 photo HPIM2364_zpsb34b7ac9.jpg

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Cake Barbie Theme in Jollibee/Red Ribbon

This was the birthday cake of Faith on her birthday this year. I ordered it from Jollibee but they said that it was the Red Ribbon who made the cake. It has the Barbie theme. We divide it in half at school so other teachers will also have a taste of it.

 photo HPIM0013_zps43d19e42.jpg

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A Piece Of Cake For My Birthday


The Apo View Hotel and the Entree Restaurant made my birthday so special, I thought I could only have a wine, which we drank to the fullest on that night but later the live band made an announcement that someone just celebrated her birthday in the restaurant and suddenly I heard the birthday song played in the restaurant, then some waiters gather around and brought me this piece of cake. I felt so pampered by the staff, the cake was so delish. I just love it.

I was not neglected at all with their gesture; it is all worth it when my friend and I decided to celebrate my birthday in the restaurant. I did not only enjoy the freebies when I became the member of the Diamond Club, yet I felt loved and pampered with the surprise. I still have two nights stay free from them though; I was planning to stay there at least after the Christmas Eve. So if you ever want to become a member in the Diamond Club, you have to call the number of Apo View Hotel and that is 221-6430 and asked the in-charge to direct your call in The Diamond Club office.

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