During My Day

My birthday is fast approaching but just like before I don’t think I will prepare something special during that day. I may not be cooking but I will not stop myself celebrating. If most of you will try to at least prepare some delicious foods in the table, I am the opposite because during my birthday I can’t help but to be just alone. Sometimes I would treat my kids but it will be after my birthday.

On the other hand, this month will be different from before because I have something special that I will be presented myself as a gift and for a job well done at work. I will be watching a concert to my favorite love team. I will not be able to tag along my kids because I just bought one ticket since we are on a tight budget. Maybe just maybe during my birthday I will treat them in Vikings, I am hoping though that I have something extra that day.


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Cakes On Her Birthday

Last Tuesday was the birthday of my daughter. I bought 2 boxes of pizza for the swimmers after the training. The two pizzas will not be enough if the parents did not bring foods too. One parent bought carrot cakes and one also bought moist cake with greetings. Mj could not contain her happiness when she saw it, she was very delighted that all her friends greeted her online and offline.

 photo 6cee3db0-e4a7-4882-b16f-bb6dfa5dc34c_zps6c43d9de.jpg

This moist cake from Sugar munch

 photo f8f2f8d0-7100-4543-85c2-0fb63e542cb9_zps61c79516.jpg

Carrot Cake so yummy the sweetness is just right in the palate. The carrot cake is Rysus, Sugar Munch however is a trend now, they are available in Gaisano Mall.

 photo 7906ff7c-a9ff-486d-b31a-ba9f5f9f03b7_zps323eb74a.jpg

Mj and her team mates.


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Happy Birthday To My Eldest Daughter

The simple celebration turned out to be a grand because of our team mates. They were the one who brought the cakes, we had moist cake, carrot cake and brazo de mercedes. I just bought pizza from S & R and pancit guisado and some drinks. They only have one hour of training because of her birthday. Mj suggested having no swim on her birthday but I told her coach at least one hour so we will not waste our time to go to the pool. I mean the fuel going there cost much; the village is too far from our house. We will have 2 reasons in going to the clubhouse to celebrate and to swim.

I have to thank our dearest friends for the foods that they brought for Mj’s birthday. It will never be a grand without you all.

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Next Year Perhaps!

Last month, my friends and I in the pool agreed to celebrate our coach birthday in Vikings. I was sure to attend for it, and I planned to bring my eldest daughter. Our coach and one team mate was free on that day because it’s their natal day. It has been a policy for them that if one are celebrating their birthday they are free to eat in Vikings as long as somebody is with them. But my youngest daughter was sick, she has been since this Wednesday and today we will go to the doctor for check-up. I wanted to go but should I spend my money there in Vikings while my daughter needs to have a check-up. I have to decide real quickly, even Mj was sad about it but she could not do anything, we have to attend Faith’s condition first. How I wish, we are already paid in this house and so I don’t have to sacrifice my kid’s happiness. If only I had enough for that day, we will attend the celebration as well as attending Faith’s condition.

Next time Vikings, next year perhaps!

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