My Version Of My Chocolate Moist Cake

I was able to buy a Cocoa last Monday and when I arrived home, after I updated my blogs I started to mix all the ingredients.

These are the ingredients I followed

1 1/2 cup purpose flour

1 1/2 cup white sugar

1 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda

1 1/2 full cream milk since I didn’t have the butter milk I just put 3 citrus juices on it

I also put butter on it, didn’t know I should not to because the butter is for the frosting, the moist cake on the top. I mixed all the ingredients. I realized that I did the steps wrong after I mixed it all, but since I don’t want to waste all the ingredients that were mixed already. I pushed it through. I put 1 cup of water on it. And put it in the oven. I was already afraid that the whole thing will be fail; I was even checking it every minute. My sister said I need to stop; it will eventually rise since I put a baking soda on it. Anyway I made it right somehow. It looks dry since I did not put the moist frosting on the top of the cake. But my niece said it tasted good, it is not too sweet but it is palatable.

My version of a moist chocolate cake

It is not absolutely perfect but who cares my kids love it. They kept on getting back every now and then to have a mouthful of this.

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Not Too Sweet

The other day when my husband wired me some money, I bought a cocoa powder for me to be able to mix it with the ingredients at home so I can bake a cake. I didn’t really know what I was doing. I just follow the You Tube demo on how to bake a chocolate moist cake; I combined with the other recipe I found online. I was praying so hard that it would result all right. I was praying that if it was not a perfect cake at least it tasted as one. I also changed the measurement of some of the ingredients, which made me more nervous.

When I put it on the oven, I was crossing my finger that it would raise. When I check it the first time, I was slightly freaking out because it seems like it didn’t rise at all. But after 30 minutes I saw the improvements.  When I checked it with a toothpick the first time, it was wet. I said oh no I think it won’t cook but after few more minutes, when I checked it again, it was not wet anymore. I exclaimed finally “Success”. When I and my sister tasted it even though it was not perfect, it tasted like a cake at all even though it doesn’t have frosting because I combined all the ingredients I forgot I still need to make the moist on top but it’s okay it doesn’t matter at all, what important is that Faith likes it because it wasn’t too sweet but not dull.


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Flop Strawberry Cheesecake

I was looking forward of my niece Strawberry Cheesecake, instead of baking it on the 24th, she decided to bake it on the 25th. Everyone was excited of the outcome but it took her very long to finish it, she keeps on putting it back to the oven. I felt asleep while waiting, when I woke up I look for the cake right away but when I tasted it, the strawberry was too much; I mean I know it is a Strawberry Cheesecake and the taste of the Strawberry should be on top of it however it feels like it is too much. And when I ate the cake long, it doesn’t taste good at all.

My niece agreed to it, she puts a lot of strawberry to it or maybe her procedure of putting it is wrong that’s why it was a flop. Maybe she needs to practice more on baking cakes, I mean she is already good in baking cookies, I am sure she will do well in baking cakes in the future if she would take her time on practicing with perfect ingredients and perfect recipe.


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Classic Cake and New York Cheesecake In Starbucks

I planned to go out during Kadayawan since I filed a vacation leave for 2 days but I got stuck at home. I wanted to finish my task online right away but I need to write so many articles that I went out late already. I supposed not to go out since it is late already but I need to get the money that my husband wired us so I went out in the mall. On our way to the mall, I was craving a cake all a sudden Mariel and Mj went with me in the mall, after I picked the funds, we went to Starbucks not to grab a coffee, but we were there to buy ourselves some cakes. I ordered 2 cakes, I know we were 3 but I thought to just share the cakes with them.

 photo 14080987_1038599936261126_1026949999_n.jpg

The dark chocolate is what they call classic chocolate and the other one is the New York Cheesecake 

 photo 14141662_10209857135001153_8459854094127299369_n.jpg

This is my daughter; she was just waiting for me to finish doing something in my tablet. She got bored while waiting so she was checking if she got some messages from her friend. My niece is already out of sight, she already went with her friends. Mj and I finish the 2 cakes, after we stayed a while in Starbucks, we went home right away.

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