Dine In Out Of Nowhere Kitchen

I didn’t expect that kids Kumon was very early. I didn’t know that they have started already the new schedule for summer since Faith’s school did not start their summer vacation yet. We were still chilling at home, when their teacher called them, reminding us of their schedule, we got up the moment we were informed about their new schedule. Obviously we were already late when we get there but thank GOD that Faith still joins her Math session. We went out from Kumon around 12 noon.

My friend told me about the Out of Nowhere restaurant, she said that the food is not that expensive and they have big servings. As I wanted to at least experience a new ambiance, I tagged my kids along with me. (I don’t have any complain with McDonalds or Jollibee since we are always there whenever we get starve but a new one will not do us any harm, right?)

Here’s me and Faith, waiting for our turn to get inside and eat

Since some schools have their Graduation Day last Saturday, I guess most of them wanted to celebrate it in that restaurant. Oh well, I can’t blame them, the restaurant has a nice and has this kind of atmosphere that gives a very relaxing feeling or at least that’s how I felt about it but that’s the thing, we need to wait outside so we can experience eating their sumptuous meal inside.

On the other hand, the waiting is worth it because they served us a very delectable barbecues and not only that I was able to save some because I didn’t have to order one myself. What I did was ordered 2 meals for my kids and one cup of extra rice for me. My kids just shared their barbecues to me, with their big servings my kids won’t be able to finish the whole meal and I was right plus it is good for my pocket.


Asean Grilled Chicken

Jurassic Ribs

Their Asean Grilled Chicken is P 180.00 and Jurassic Ribs is P 350. 00, Chocolare Smores Smoothies is P 160. 00 and the Slushes Mango is P 120. 00

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I Will Do My Best To Appear Cool

Have you experience dining out with music in background? We did in one of the restaurants here but they were playing like violin and not with an electric guitar. I wonder how it sounds if someone played cbolo while you are eating. Is it pleasing in the ear? I actually don’t know but it would be fun I guess for teenagers. My daughter said it is very adventurous, you know when you are eating and there’s a live band playing an electric guitar. I mean I am sure my daughter would enjoy it, she is a teenager but me I am not sure at all. But I will play all along; I won’t let them get disappointed maybe I will try my best to appear cool. I don’t like to embarrass my teenager I know she loves live band.

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Something That Is Not

It has been a while that I’ve gone to Chicken Savory to dine, so when a friend and I decided to eat lunch, I suggested Chicken Savory.  We were looking for something cheap that time and for me Chicken Savory is just so light in the pocket.  When we get there, we choose what to eat in the menu right away. So since I didn’t get any complain from my friend, I thought it was okay for him at all.  We paid the bill in half to be fair enough. I even suggested that he can try the restaurant with his girlfriend because I am sure his girlfriend will like it here.

He went out from the restaurant to buy some doughnuts for his girlfriend after we finish.  He went to this well-known prestigious, expensive doughnut stall. When he returned he said he could not buy it because it is very expensive and his budget is not enough.  So I suggested Mister Donut since it is less expensive.

The next day, when we had breakfast together with our workmates, we were talking about where to go to eat during our payday,   I suggested some restaurants and he blurted out that restaurant I suggested the other day is not affordable at all, all he thought that he can save some to buy the J.Co for his girlfriend but unfortunately his money is not enough, and everyone laugh so hard. Next time he said he will not trust me anymore when I say that we can only spend within our budget with a restaurant that I will suggest because the term affordable for me is something that is not.

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Cakes On Her Birthday

Last Tuesday was the birthday of my daughter. I bought 2 boxes of pizza for the swimmers after the training. The two pizzas will not be enough if the parents did not bring foods too. One parent bought carrot cakes and one also bought moist cake with greetings. Mj could not contain her happiness when she saw it, she was very delighted that all her friends greeted her online and offline.

 photo 6cee3db0-e4a7-4882-b16f-bb6dfa5dc34c_zps6c43d9de.jpg

This moist cake from Sugar munch

 photo f8f2f8d0-7100-4543-85c2-0fb63e542cb9_zps61c79516.jpg

Carrot Cake so yummy the sweetness is just right in the palate. The carrot cake is Rysus, Sugar Munch however is a trend now, they are available in Gaisano Mall.

 photo 7906ff7c-a9ff-486d-b31a-ba9f5f9f03b7_zps323eb74a.jpg

Mj and her team mates.


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