After Hiro, Hukad

Last Saturday we agreed to watch a movie, it was late already when it was finish so the whole gang agreed to eat in the opened nearby restaurant. And since the only restaurant that has our favorites, we pursue going to Hukad.

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He Likes It

Just tonight, since my husband and I really wanted to at least budget our money. I or he would cook for our dinner and tonight I fried a buttered chicken for the whole family. I am not sure if he would like it but good thing though my husband is not picky about foods, he just has to be very extra careful of what he is eating right now because of his diet. His sugar is a bit during the past months and he is preventing of becoming a diabetic so he is really so strict. He is not eating rice, potatoes and even his favourite pizza. He can eat chicken though but it should be without Magic Sarap, with the friend chicken I cooked today I put a little Magic Sarap to so to be tasty. This is the Fried Chicken that I always bragged about, just a lemon, egg; flour and bread crumbs for ingredients and you will have a tasty, crispy Fried Chicken.

My husband took 3 pieces of Fried Chicken and he said right away, the fried chicken tasted very different but flavourful, he loves it! I thank GOD that my husband loves my fried chicken, oh well that is the only recipe that I think it always has a good result. It is not only my husband who likes the fried chicken it but my kids as well.

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Full After Being Sad

Tonight, we sends my husband to the airport, we supposed to have our dinner there with him but we found out it was so expensive so we just ordered some smoothies instead. We decided to eat with kids in the restaurant while my husband is boarding for his flight in Manila. My niece Mariel went to the restaurant ahead of us since she was not able to go with us in the airport, she still have a class she would be out at 6 p.m., and my husband have to arrive in the airport at 7:00 p.m.

Mariel just waited for us in the restaurant though, she ordered some good foods enough for Faith to forget her being upset to say goodbye once again to her father. It was so traffic along the way so I opted to take the Diversion road even it was already too dark. It was tired but the tiredness was gone when I have our dinner finally. I wonder what dinner that my husband took in the airport.

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What To Cook For Dinner Tonight

What to prepare for dinner? I always have this kind of question everyday, since I am the one or my nieces would cook for dinner. It is so tempting to just order outside but it can be costly too while we have frozen meats in the refrigerator that we can cook. Faith just finishes her Corn Flakes, yes Corn Flakes this time not the famous KoKo Crunch. We went to the nearby grocery store and we bought some foods, including a 1 kilo of rice, Faith’s snacks at school, dish washing and etc., etc. I thought to grocery shop more today but I did not pursue it. I had my door glass finally fix now and I paid the money that supposedly for grocery shopping or for the Kumon fee.

And so here I am wondering what I should cook for dinner, we still have the Sinigang Fish from last night, I just heat it to our Microwave Oven and it is still not spoiled until now. What should I match the soup, a fried chicken or a chicken soup or the sauté Pancit with cube meats. I am having a hard time but the most important thing is that the soup fish should be consume before it will get spoiled.

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