Agreed But Not

Last Friday, I and my friends from work agreed to meet at 10 in the evening at MTS but to my surprise only 4 of our team mates showed up. At first I thought me and one girl friend really showed up but 15 minutes passed 2 of our team mates texted that they were already in MTS looking for us.

At first, I decided not to go already. I mean, night time came no one replied to us already so I was sure that this is one of those things that even though you already agreed to meet up the day before the event, no one showed up but geez, at 10 in the evening, we had a power shortage and since I got mad with my eldest during that day. I went out to breathe some fresh air. I meet up a friend instead and oh 3 of them.

We had drinks, I guess we ordered 2 buckets of beer but that’s it after that. We are not allowed to order anymore, oh well it is past 2 am already. We had some talks, and it seems like forever. If ever I will resign I surely miss this little get away, it made me young at least 6 months perhaps.

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