Family Bonding On Sunday At Gerry’s Grill After Mass

It was Sunday this month that I told my kids to go to where I work so we can go to church together and eat lunch after. My log out from work was at 12 noon and they were not there yet. So I roamed around and realized I needed to go to nail salon so to have my nails done. After 2 hours of waiting, finally they came.  My niece told me they are already hungry but I need to stick to the plan, so I just let them buy some snacks so we can attend the mass right away. It was just the right time because the mass just started.

 photo 17440153_1260877474033370_1460262319_n_zpsjtzft1dv.jpg

One of the foods we ordered in Gerry’s Grill

 photo 17103277_10211734004841726_105944165651290346_n 1_zpsun34xnhm.jpg

After an hour, we planned on going to the Burger King. The first choice was the Burger King but my youngest changed her mind and just want to eat anywhere in Abreeza Mall, I want something festive so even though they pointed the Sumu Sam, we went to the Gerry’s Grill. We ordered Palabok, Belly Pork and Chicken for Faith. Faith also ordered a sweet corn shake, Mj got the Red Tea  and Mariel got the Mango shake.


While we were waiting for our foods, we took some picture opp.

 photo 16995988_10211734005161734_5259053899472385021_n_zpslwo7rmad.jpg

Look at my not sleeping for almost 12 hours, look stressed huh?

But because of of my kids, I am willing to stay awake just to have bonding with them. It’s worth it though I had so much fun, no worries because when we arrived home at 8 in the evening I slept right away, slept only for like 4 hours because I need to wake up at 12 midnight for my shift will start at 1 in the morning.

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Who can resist them? obviously not me

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It Could Have Been More Fun To Cook For The Kids

I just talked to my husband this morning and he said that it has been raining in Maryland for how many days already so he just stayed home. I even asked him if he already gets bored, it could have been more fun if he is here that even it is raining outside, at least he will have a chance to cook something nice for the kids. On the other hand, even though it is not winter season, he told me he is wearing his gloves for him not to feel so cold. Geez, that pair of gloves is already so old, I guess I will have to buy him another pair from Cozy Winters, I know that he doesn’t like me to buy him anything special, oh well Father’s day is fast approaching so giving him something special will not be heavy at all in the pocket.

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Buying, Preparing, Roasting And Eating At Home

We just had so much fun today, early this morning I told my niece she should be going home because I will be frying a Tilapia with tomatoes and soy sauce for a dip. My niece will be heading at school later in the afternoon for her exam and she was also craving for a fried Tilapia. After she went off to school, I dragged my youngest daughter to the nearby wet market but we could not see any Tilapia but just a Barilison perfect only for roasting. So instead of a Fried Tilapia and tomatoes, I bought the 2 pcs of Barilison, cucumber and tomatoes.

When Faith and I arrived home, I immediately told my sister to prepare stuffs for roasting. My eldest daughter Mj was the one who sliced the cucumber and tomatoes, as Faith was trying to help me guard the fish outside while it was already on top of a hot charcoal while I was inside the house to fix her toys she just played the moment we went home. Later I joined Faith outside; she was so keen on eyeing some cats trying to steal our fishes. Good job Faith!

After the fish was cooked, we gather together in the table. My niece just went home and was wondering why it was not the Tilapia at all, but she was so full and satisfied after she ate her share. My nephew came to visit and he was able to have a blast together with his cousins. Mj also bought 2 bottles of cokes for all of us. It was a simple dinner at home and yet we had so much fun buying, preparing, cooking and later eating.

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Taking Vitamins For Daily Energy

Now that my daughter is back on her training, I always made sure that she had enough Vitamin C especially when I haven’t sent her and her sister to their Doctor for Flu Vaccination yet. I also let her take the Cherifer that is for her height, I did not let her take the Memory plus since I guess two Vitamins in a day is enough for her. F is taking also the Propan that is for food supplement because she has not been eating much lately and of course Vitamin C as well. My niece since she is staying here for a while, I also let her take the Fern C. And yours truly is taking the Cosmo skin that is for food supplement, Vitamin C plus the Gluta. Don’t get me wrong I am not really aiming to have a super white skin but smooth skin will then be enough for me.

We don’t eat much veggie, so I am thankful that we had Vitamins we can depend on when we need to energize ourselves but of course there is too much difference when you will make a habit of eating veggies. Because it could boost your immune system and the like, you just have to be very careful when cleaning it because there are veggies that got lots of chemical before they harvest it.

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