Free Coupon Meal

Since I got some 10’s from last month’s performance, they raffle our names and those agents who were lucky to be picked will be awarded, some got movie tickets, cellphone loads or a free meal from Penongs. And I got lucky with gift certificates for Penongs. It doesn’t have expiration dates so I can use it anytime and I did just recently with Faith. We went to SM supposedly to attend a workshop but we came in late, the workshop is almost over and since it was almost 12 noon at that time, I tagged Faith to the nearby Penongs restaurant. It was my first time so I kind a shy to present the gift certificate besides it was just stocked in my bag for a couple of months, so I am scared that what if they won’t accept it because it has been a while. It was not torn, thank GOD, although it was just folded. We were able to order some extra foods and shake for Faith and we were able to get some discounts out of it. I just hope that I can still get some gift certificates these coming Months, or a movie ticket. I hope my performance will go well so I can have enough to provide for my family.

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